Dreams are made of this.

A good night’s sleep is essential to prepare your body and mind for peak performance. Mood, productivity and general health are affected by proper rest, and mindful dreams.

Get. More. Sleep.

There are ways of telling if you are chronically sleep deprived.

  1. You need an alarm clock to get up in the morning
  2. You fall asleep the moment your head hits the pillow (this is actually a bad sign)
  3. You get less than 8 hours of sleep a night

If you find any of these three things, you can join the ranks of the 63 million people in North America that are chronically fatigued. Chances are, they’re not sleeping on a Sealy, Simmons or Serta.

Dreams are the key to creativity. If you have worries on your mind, or issues to resolve, let your brain do the heavy lifting while you rest. Your body needs time to heal as well. Sweet sleep is necessary to keep you happy, beautiful and rejuvenated each morning.

The Golden Rules of Sleep from Dr. Floyd

1. You need dreams to reach your dreams.

Only when the body is rested and healthy are you able to live out your life’s full potential. You need to be bright-eyed and clear-minded to carve your true path, and a quality sleep is a key component to that. So are dreams. The floodgates of inspiration, imagination and wonder are opened when you let your mind wander.

2. You sleep every night, but how often do you dream?

If you can’t remember your dreams, or if you can’t remember the last time you dreamed – then you are missing out on a huge part of life. Your dreams are the key to organizing your thoughts, and understanding your subconscious. The most fantastic dreams are brought to life in deep sleep, best achieved on a comfortable, quality mattress.

3. Deep REM sleep is when the body produces dreams.

Dreams bring meaning to the day-to-day events in your life that go unconsidered in the patterns and routines of existence. Our habits act as blinders to the full spectrum of reality. It is only when we dream do we gain insight, and inspiration.

4. Get the right bed.

It takes a quality mattress to usher you into the world of dreams. A bed built not only for comfort but also for the deep, restful sleep that ensures a night of grand imaginings. 

5. Keep a regular sleep schedule

Go to bed at the same time every night. Wake up the same time every morning. And don’t use an alarm clock! This is much more easily accomplished on a quality bed from Mattress Choice.

6. Dream all at once.

There is no reason to have ‘to be continued’ dreams. You should have one, long, ongoing dream each night. Get a long undisturbed sleep and your imagination will thank you.

Other sleep tips from Dr. Floyd

  1. Work on your Feng Shui – make the bedroom a relaxing place
  2. Exercise three times a week to stay fit
  3. Don’t smoke
  4. Don’t drink (near bedtime)
  5. Eat a healthy diet
  6. Avoid caffeine six hours before bedtime
  7. Take a warm bath before bed – it’s relaxing, and it will get your mind primed for dreamland.
  8. Keep a dream journal. You will be amazed at how your dreams can make sense of your daily issues.

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