Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does Mattress Choice carry only three brands?
A. By offering the deepest selection of only the world’s premium brands, Mattress Choice can ensure that you get a quality mattress at a price you can afford. There is no point in diluting our selection of quality with inferior brands. By dealing only with the best, we ensure only the best night’s sleep.

Q. Will a better mattress improve my dreams?
A. The human body needs deep REM sleep to process the events of the day. This phenomenon in which the eyes dart back and forth behind the lids is a result of dreaming, which comes through a deep, restful sleep. And this healing sleep can best be reached through a proper mattress.

Q. Should I pick a soft or a firm mattress?
A. That all depends on your personal preference level. Just as no two people dream alike, no two people need the same vehicles to take them to the other side. Everyone is different. Proper firmness will distribute your weight and provide back support. Therefore, be sure to bring your partner with you when selecting a bed.

Q. I move a lot in my sleep and I don’t want to disturb my partner? What should I do?
A. Simmons has the patented Beautyrest mattress with individual pocket coils to adjust for motion transfer in the night between partners. You may have seen the commercials with the bowling ball and pins, and that’s what it’s all about, a restful sleep without any disturbance, even if your partner is tossing and turning. If you prefer a Sealy or Serta, give yourself enough room with a king-sized bed.

Q. What is the best way to dispose of a mattress?
A. There are many options available to dispose of a mattress is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.  The best option is a recycling depot. They can make use of the metal springs as well as some of the material. There is no reason your bed should end up in a landfill if you don’t want it to.

Q. When should I buy a new mattress?
A. Every 8-10 years. If your bed is stained, sagging, or torn, you need to get yourself a new dream machine. Also, if you sleep better on a better bed elsewhere, it is time to get that same hotel-quality bed for yourself.

Q. How can I make my mattress last longer?
A. Rotate it! Flip it around every once in a while. Switch sides. Your bed can last nearly a decade if you treat it with love.

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