Shomi vs. Netflix

There’s a new streaming service coming to Canada to compete with the uber-successful media site Netflix. Shomi will debut next month, offering Rogers and Shaw customers the chance at the beta version for competitively priced $8.99 per month.

The service has a number of hit cable shows that are currently unavailable on Netflix. It will also feature 1,200 movies by the end of the first year.

The new service puts the two platforms in direct competition.

To make it easier for our Coquitlam Mattress customers to choose, we though this week we could do a head-to-head (show-to-show) comparison. Just for fun…

Breaking Bad vs. Sons of Anarchy

Netflix – The OS (Original Streamers) hold the ticket to Breaking Bad. Walking away with a boatload of Emmy awards, Breaking Bad is the obvious favourite. The story resonates in a weird way with the ‘everyman’s quest to provide for his family’ motif. None of us would go to the extremes that Walter does, but the producers do create a seemingly impossible empathy for one of the most horrific criminal minds shown on the small screen.

Shomi: The bikers are in their seventh and final season and hype is high. This will be the black feather in Shomi’s Canadian toque. Like Breaking Bad, the show revolves around illegal activity and the individuals who depend on its income for their survival. Rumours are swirling of a spin-off series set in the 1960s.

Louie vs. Archer

Netflix: Archer has been a favourite of Netflix users, many who wouldn’t dare flick to the Cartoon Network on their regular box. The show has completed five seasons, with plans for a six this spring. Archer has a strong replay ability factor.

Shomi: scored a giant when they inked a deal for Louie C.K.’s self titled dark comedy, Louie. The show is a standout among comedy programs because of its edgy and awkward takes on middle-aged life and its unique formatting. The comedian has full control of this series and as a result, each episode plays out

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