Mattress Fail

Mattress Choice offers free delivery for the simple reason that mattresses are hard to transport. They’re bulky, slightly flexible and they shouldn’t be subjected to the elements. They don’t belong in the back of a pick-up or on the roof of a hatchback. They belong in a proper moving truck.

We want you to be happy with your bed when you get it home. We want you to be able to sleep on it the first night. We don’t want you to be leaving it out to dry in your basement.

That is why we fit the bill for the moving costs.

Now, that being said, we do sometimes giggle at pictures that come across our desk, land in our email or are shared on social networking sites of mattress transport fails.

This week, just for fun, we thought we would share a few epic fail photos.

Hope you enjoy them. And please, don’t try this on your way home. Let us handle the delivery.

No straps. No worries. Bob will gladly ride in the back and keep things secure.

The Four Armed Sedan.

European Innovation.

Johnny Knoxville Special.

And one bonus video:

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