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Night Owls vs. Early Birds: Part Three

So which side of the bed is better? There is little scientific research to show that the time you roll out of bed makes a difference to your overall health. Your sleep patterns are largely an impact of your genetic structure.

Approximately 40% of people lean toward nocturnal living. Night owls are more likely to feel recharged with improved concentration during evenings and may not require as much sleep to function as well as early birds, according to Belgium and Swiss researchers. People who live more at night tend to be more creative and have higher IQs than people who wake up earlier.

There are excellent reasons to wake up earlier, though. Earlier mornings provide time necessary to reflect, meditate, exercise, and avoid the chaos that comes with later wake-up times. In fact, some studies have found that early risers feel more in control of their lives.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, sleeping on a high-grade mattress from Mattress Choice in Coquitlam mattress will improve the quality of your sleep. Better sleep will always equate to better health and a higher quality of living.

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Night Owls vs. Early Birds: Part Two

As modern society is based on a 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. schedule, a night owl is bred to suffer socially, as it is ingrained within a night owl’s genetic coding to take the night shift, protecting their sheep from a wolf attack. Physically, in a night owl’s brain, there is less white matter—that stuff which helps neurons communicate—than their daytime counterparts. As a result, they have lower levels of serotonin and dopamine receptors which leaves a less pleasurable life experience. However, this lack thereof results in higher cortisol levels, a stress hormone preparing your body for sudden attacks. The result: nighttime people are more creative, bigger risk takers, and ready to take advantage of an opportunity placed in front of them.


Based on their individual habits, a human’s physiology may change over the course of their life. A person may begin with a genetic predestination toward on end of the spectrum and build habits, based on life choices, toward another.


Researchers have found that children who went to bed early, slept soundly on a quality mattress from Mattress Choice in Coquitlam, and rose early exercised more, spent less time in front of a screen were less likely to be overweight or obese compared to their night owl and late-rising friends!


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Night Owls vs. Early Birds: Part One

A Western colloquialism, pioneered by Benjamin Franklin, is a commonality in the memory banks for all those who slumber in North America, “The early bird gets the worm.” But, is Franklin correct in his philosophical assumption? After all, Ben’s head appears on the American one-hundred dollar bill (i.e the worm). James Thurber argued, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and dead.” Thurber’s name disappeared into oblivion…

There’s two sides in the war of bedtime.

On one end of the battlefield we have the early birds: having just had fantastic sleep on their quality mattress from Mattress Choice in Coquitlam, their chipper faces are smiling, arms outstretched, yawning, and a breath of bright sunlight beaming into their rested, morning eyes. Who needs coffee? Let’s go for a jog!

On the other end of the battlefield swings the battle axe of Clan Night Owl. Dark and brooding, their vampiric bloodlust weans to flesh as glowing light of the full moon dimly freckles crooked branches. There are werewolves who stalk in the shadows while crickets chirp and the hooting owl questions not ‘why,’ but ‘who?’ Turn up the fluorescents, let’s party. Who needs sleep? I need to catch up on “Suits”!

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Ten Habits of Restful People

10. They sleep with their socks on.

We have talked at length about the benefits of a cold bedroom, but experts say your feet and hands should be covered while you sleep. But be careful – some people find that the elastic in their socks irritates their ankles.

9. They don’t hit the snooze button.

That extra 14 minutes (two snooze taps) does nothing for your energy levels. The sleep you receive after the first alarm is actually disrupted sleep.

8. They don’t drink coffee after noon.

Coffee is the liquid destroyer of quality sleep. Keep your cups to the a.m. hours.

7. They buy luxury mattresses.

There is nothing in this world affects your sleep more than the quality of your mattress. Restful people buy mattresses that are designed for slumber. Try one at your Coquitlam mattress store.

6. They never smoke. Tobacco.

Many smokers admit to having restless sleep. Nicotine acts as an artificial stimulant disrupting your body’s equilibrium. This disturbance can mess with your circadian rhythms.

5. They work out.

Your body needs natural heart rate stimulation, otherwise known as exercise. Vigorous exercisers actually report to have the best sleep. But even a little exercise can improve your slumber.

4. They avoid sugar and carbs in the morning.

The pleasure you receive from that glazed ring of heaven is fleeting. Forget the doughnuts and go with high-protein, low-sugar breakfast.

3. They keep their pets out of the bedroom.

The family that keeps Baxter off the bed sleeps sounder.

2. They don’t bring their computers to bed.

The blue light of your monitor affects your melatonin production. Shut your laptop at least an hour before bed. Make time for that other bedroom activity.

1. They believe in unicorns.

Restful people have active imaginations that allow them to escape in their dreams. This subliminal creativity passes over to their waking life. Sound sleepers often claim to see one-horned prancers in everyday situations.

Innerspring vs. Pocketcoil

One of Mattress Choice’s most popular mattresses is the Simmons Beautyrest. These mattresses are made of a collection of non-flip pocket coils that work together to offer a comfortable sleep with little to no motion transfer. The pocket coil design has been embraced by a number of mattress manufacturers, but there are still quite a few producers that have stuck with the traditional innerspring. Sealy is one of the companies that have continued to construct innerspring mattresses.

This week we though we could review the pros and cons of each design.

Support: Both the innerspring and the pocket coils offer sound support for their sleepers. The innerspring mattresses have been known to maintain their supportive properties longer than the pocket coil.

Comfort: Both offer remarkably comfortable sleeping surfaces with the option for a memory foam top.

Motion Transfer: The pocket coil mattresses greatly reduce the amount of disturbances felt between sleeping partners. Unfortunately the helical wire that provides the comfort layer for the innerspring mattress, also makes the mattress more prone to motion transfer.

Flipping: Simply put: pocket coil mattresses never need to be flipped. And there you have it. To feel them first hand, visit Mattress Choice in Coquitlam.

The Lion in the Bedroom

Did you forget about the fourteenth of February this year? Did you have to make a quick set of love coupons for your partner? Did the promise of a future massage make up for a lack of flowers? Probably not.

Well, we have an idea for a late Valentines Day gift for your significant other and it all starts with a doctor’s visit. Now before you jump to the blue pill conclusion, we’re not talking about ED. No, we’re talking about the elephant in the bedroom, or should we say the lion: snoring.

Snoring is a major issue between some couples. For some it is an active topic of discontent. The person being kept awake constantly reminds their partner of their condition. For others though, it is a topic of embarrassment and years can pass without the listener saying their piece.

Whatever the case, snoring can be disturbing for both the snorer and the silent partner. Give the gift a quiet bedroom and talk to your doctor about preventive measures.

Trust us. Less frustration in the bedroom results in more affection.

Can’t Sleep? Try These Eleven Tips For Seeking Slumber

11. Tea leaves

Tea does wonders to soothe and relax not just your mind but your body as well. Sipping tea also requires that you slow down and focus on a basic act. This lowers the anxiety that often builds when an individual is having trouble falling asleep.

10. Open a window

Our bodies naturally sleep at a lower temperature. Adjusting the heat in your home to match this temperature drop helps our bodies prepare for rest.

9. Get outside and play

The more exposure your body has to natural light during the day, the more receptive it will be to producing melatonin when it is time to sleep.

8. Add some noise

White noise can help drown out annoying background noise like neighbours, traffic or pets. A fan beside or near the bed is the best example of a non-intrusive supplier of white noise.

7. Back to school

Pick out a textbook from when you were in school and try to finish a chapter without falling asleep.

6. Reduce your drinking

Everyone could cut back a little, especially during the hours leading up to bedtime. A glass of wine at dinner is fine.

5. Unplug

Keep your phone and your tablet out of the bedroom.

4. Stick to routines

Routines help our body’s transition between activities. Establish routines before bed and stick to them, even on the weekends.

3. Yoga

Have you ever marveled at how relaxed your dog looks when he stretches out his front paws? Well yoga is controlled stretching. Take it up and your muscles will love you.

2. Personal Pleasure

Pretty self-explanatory.

1. Mattress Upgrade

Don’t let a tired mattress interfere with your sleep. Replace your bed every eight years. Find a new mattress set at the Coquitlam mattress store just off Lougheed highway. Mattress Choice has a huge selection of beds to choose from. Find your perfect match today and sleep well tonight.

Ten Tips for New Mattress Owners

10. Comfort Adjust

A new mattress will have an entirely different feel than the bed you have been sleeping on for the last ten years. Give your body at least a week to adjust to the extended levels of comfort. And remember to set your alarm clock…

9. Matchmaker

Match your new mattress to the appropriate box spring. If you are unsure about which foundation you should pair your mattress with, talk to one of the professionals at Mattress Choice.

8. Framing

Along with the box spring, your mattress works best with a supportive metal bed frame. These frames have rigid centre posts that support your bed and comply with the warranty policies of many of the top king and queen sets.

7. Rotation Schedule

If your mattress is made to be flipped, you should rotate it every six months. Note: Many of the Simmons mattresses are made with non-flip pocket coils.

6. Precautionary Moves

Never fold or bend your mattress when moving it from one location to another. You can bend it through a doorway, but any longer and you run the risk of damaging the inner structure.

5. Tagged and Ready

Like the cool kids that keep their tags on their hats, mattress tags need to remain visible, for warranty claims.

4. Boardless

A good sleep set does not require a rigid board between the mattress and the box spring. Customers who add a board run the risk of damaging their mattress.

3. The Perfect Fit

New mattresses often require new sheets for an optimal fit. This is especially important if you have upgraded to a pillow top or extra thick mattress. If your sheets aren’t fitting properly, the loose or overly stretched material could disturb your rest.

2. Dusty

Vacuum your new mattress at least once a year to remove dust and other organic buildup.

1. Breathe Out

Most mattresses arrive bagged. Once you remove the plastic, let your new Coquitlam mattress breathe for at least a day before sleeping on it. Lean it on an angle against the wall so all sides have a chance to air out.

And finally, enjoy your new Coquitlam mattress. You deserve it.

Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes

Remember the dream sequence from The Big Lebowski? Pretty surreal! Juliana Moore and Jeff Bridges doing their sultry bowling routine, Saddam Hussein handing out shoes and the Rockette dancers dressed as pins. It certainly didn’t inspire Zzzz’s. More “hhmmm…”

Well the Dude is back and this time he hopes to use his gentle voice to put the masses in the mood for sleep. Jeff Bridges has produced a thirteen track, tongue-in-cheek, audio project that is intended to induce a quick transition to dreamland.

The project is a joint effort with the website building platform Squarespace. Squarespace built the site for Bridges and ran a thirty-second spot during the Superbowl to launch the site. Built with a number of multimedia elements showcasing Squarespace’s potential as a dynamic template, the site opens with an indirect explanation of the unusual paring of actor, sleep depravation and web developer: “At Squarespace we believe even the wildest ideas can come to life in a beautiful way.”

The best part of the site is a short video with Jeff trudging through the night forest with a boom mic and sound mixer. Most of the tracks are two minutes in length and feature moody backing vocals and Bridges talking over them. Standout tracks include “IKEA” and “Temescal Canyon.” The latter features a guided walk through a forest canyon. Bridges describes the smells, the scenery and the characters that he meets along the trail. Pretty bizarre.

The album is being released in three formats: digital download, vinyl (regular or special edition) and cassette. Yes, you read that correctly, Bridges will be selling his creation on audiotape, for all those analog lovers out there.  100 percent of the proceeds go towards Bridges’ Share our Strength, No Kid Hungry campaign.

The artwork for the album seems to be strongly inspired by the Rolling Stones album cover for “Aftermath.”

“The world is filled with too many restless people in need of rest – that’s why I filled my sleeping tapes with intriguing sounds noises and other things to help you get a good night’s rest.

Ten Selfie Trends that Need To Stop

Selfies have their place in society. They’re a fun way to show your friends or family where you are. They’re great for spur-of-the-moment group shots. And they’re good for recording your perfect hair days. But the selfie craze has gotten completely out of control. Here are ten selfie trends that need to stop:

10. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Stop taking pictures of the mirror. And please put a shirt on.

9. Ducklips

We blame Ben Stiller’s “Magnum” for the pouty ducklip pose. Why it caught on with the female sex is beyond us.

8. Naked and Not-So-Famous

Once again…put a shirt on. We know you’ve been spending every extra minute at the gym, but please, just wait till beach season.

7. Foodie

Pictures of your food are weird enough. But when you jam your own face up beside your sushi it just gets creepy.

6. Random Heads

Strangers do not want to be in your photos.

5. Wild Kingdom

Bears do not want to be in your photos. While a stranger may take your phone for violating their privacy, a bear will take your arm and that will definitely be the last time you click a self.

4. Substance Abuse

Pictures with you and your after-work activities are not a good idea. The Internet never forgets.

3. Driving Distractions

It’s against the law for a reason. Put your phone away.

2. Cliff Hanger

A Polish couple fell to their deaths this year when they stepped over a safety barrier to take a quick selfie on the edge of a cliff. The worst part, the couple’s two young children witnessed their parent’s fall.

1. Mattress Monster

Pictures of your beautiful new mattress – love them. Selfies of you at 7:30 in the morning half asleep on your mattress – no thank you. Keep the mattress at the forefront.

Valentines Evening at the Saint St. Grill

The days are ticking down to Valentines Day. Do you have romantic plans for the evening? Are you expected to have romantic plans…?

If you are looking for a delightful dining experience in the Coquitlam area, try the Saint St Grill. Located on St. John’s Street in Moody Centre, the Saint St Grill offers a refined dining experience that you rarely enjoy outside of the city. Their seasonal menu and extensive wine list are guaranteed to impress.

For Valentines Day, Executive Chef Tyler Ross has created a delicious set menu with a number of starter and entrée options. Starter standouts include wild mushroom risotto and smoked salmon sliders. For mains, the braised beef sounds like an appetizing option. For dessert, the chef plans to serve a romantic tasting plate designed for two.

There will be three seatings, with one starting at 4:00pm, another at 6:00pm and a final seating at 8:15pm. Reserve your table as soon as possible.

After dinner, well that’s up to you. Just make sure your mattress is up to the task. Worried it might not be? Head to Mattress Choice before the big day and purchase a comfortable new bed from Coquitlam’s mattress store. It might just be the final setting of one of your most memorable evenings.

Five Crazy Facts about Pyjamas

5.  The world’s largest footed pyjama party was held at Austin Texas in 2012 with 309 guests in attendance – all in onesies. The event was part of the Austin music festival, South by Southwest.

4. Thomas Jefferson once wore pyjamas to meet with Andrew Merry, the British Foreign Minister for the United States. Merry was not ok with the casual attire.

3. Pyjamas were introduced to the Western world by the British who had adopted them from their colonial ‘wards’ in the Far East. The two-piece garments replaced the nightshirt, the traditional British sleeping attire.

2. Beach pyjamas were a thing in the 1920s. Coco Chanel introduced them to the fashion world. They provided a light garment for wading and other seashore activities that still hid the body from sight.

1. In 2012, a Louisiana politician proposed a bylaw prohibiting the public from wearing pyjamas in public. “If not now, when? Because it’s pyjama pants today, next it will be underwear tomorrow.”

-If you have any crazy pyjama stories, please share them in the mattress comments below.

The Sea of White Rectangles

A recent blog on mattress shopping referred to a mattress showroom as a ‘sea of white rectangles’. This humourous description is in some ways an accurate representation of a consumer’s first hand account of mattress shopping. Without knowing anything about the beds and with a little poetic license, a mattress showroom could be seen as tranquil sea of white.

Luckily for Coquitlam consumers, Mattress Choice employs the top mattress professionals in the industry. These valued employees are certified mattress experts who are able to properly explain the many technical differences in the large variety of mattresses offered on our Coquitlam mattress showroom. Our professionals can help any customer find the perfect bed that meets all of their comfort preferences.

We are so sure that our mattress experts will be able to suggest the ideal bed that we currently offer a 90-night comfort guarantee. If, after 90 nights, you’re not satisfied with comfort being offered, bring back the bed for an easy exchange.

Don’t let the white waters dissuade you. Let a professional at Mattress Choice guide you through the process of buying your next mattress.

Mattress Graveyard

A mattress has a lifespan. After eight years in service, it’s time to start thinking of a retirement plan. Old springs and weathered fabrics can disrupt your nights. A new Coquitlam mattress will increase your sleep satisfaction and improve your overall health.

But what about that old bed? Here is a list of the top five places an old mattress usually ends up:

5. Summer Home / Guest Room

After we decide a mattress has outlived its usefulness as a daily bed, we often try to give it a new home in a less demanding setting. This occasionally ends up being in the spare room of the house or in the bedroom of our cottage or vacation residence. Bizarre when you think about it… We remove the bed because it is no longer comfortable and then use it as a vacation bed for our friends and family. Who wants to spend their vacation on an uncomfortable mattress?

4. Landfill

Most landfills charge you for dumping your mattress, so consider a recycling station. The coils in a worn mattress can be removed and repurposed. Some facilities even recycle the fabric material.

3. Charity

Even with the spread of bed bugs in our city, some charities still accept mattresses. But who really wants to sleep on a broken bed? If you change your bed for aesthetic purposes and you feel there is still some life left in your mattress, donate it. But if the bed no longer offers a comfortable night sleep for you, it probably won’t provide comfort for anyone else.

2. Storage Units

Despite what TV tells us about storage lockers, the average unit contains more old mattresses than valuable treasure.

1. Curbside

Maybe because it’s the last thing people think about when they’re moving or maybe because a whole section of the world believes there is a magical mattress fairy that picks up our old beds, but for some reason a large portion of society deems the mattress lane dump as acceptable behaviour. Let us be the first to tell you: “It’s not!” The last place anyone wants to find an old mattress is in the lane behind our homes.


Change your mattress every eight years, but also remember to dispose of your old one in an appropriate manner. In the Lower Mainland, visit



Dreams provide our minds with a forum to sift through the material of the day and organize what needs to be prioritized. Our subconscious recalls significant elements that our waking mind flagged as important. During our dreams, these fragmented pieces of our memory are brought to the forefront of our thoughts, reanalyzed and reclassified for future recall. This step is an important part of memory consolidation.

Scientists who study the relationship between memory and dreams have identified two forms of memory crossover. The first is immediate memory recall, known as ‘day-residue’. These are the moments that are recalled less than 24 hours later during our sleep. These can be anything from trivial moments in our day to important life events. Our dreams give our heads another crack at weighing the importance of our immediate actions and observations.

The other memory form is ‘dream-lag’. Dream-lag is when memories are recalled from a period of five to seven days from their occurrence. These are usually significant feelings or situations that the mind is still processing.

After a week, our bank of memory material fades. Only the most important material remains. Our minds have effectively decided what should stay and what should go.

Promise Keepers

A new year brings new promises – silent affirmations of abstinence and plans to exercise on a regular basis. We hope to be able to maintain our improvements for an entire year at least, but the reality is most will break their resolutions by the end of January.

So why not slim the list of self promises to just a few simple improvements? Here are the three resolutions we believe you should put all your focus behind:

1. Sleep More

Seriously. You can get by on six to seven hours a night, but think of how effective you will be on eight hours. Mind…blown….

2. Improve Your Bed

Pretty simple. Your mattress is old and it’s affecting your sleep potential. Get rid of it. Come find the luxury bed of your dreams a Mattress Choice.

3. Smile More

Show off those pearly whites. It is so basic, but so many of us forget to do it. We get caught up in our own problems and miss all those wonderful opportunities to improve the lives of others.

The Case of the ‘Camouflaged’ Kitty

Roy Dufek was looking to help ease his girlfriend’s workload when he sold her mattress online for $200. He managed to find a buyer while his girlfriend was at work, selling the bed and box spring the same day he posted the ad. When the buyer came to his girlfriend’s house, Roy helped him move the bed set to his car. Little did Roy know, that hidden in the box spring was Camo the cat.

Camo was under Roy’s supervision for the day, as his owner, Hayley Crews, Roy’s girlfriend, worked. Upon completing the mattress move and loading the used bed on the roof of the new owner’s car, Roy returned to his girlfriend’s suite. No Camo.

After a frantic 20-minute search, Roy called his girlfriend and explained the situation. Hayley told Roy that Camo liked to hide in a hollow area of the box spring, Roy immediately knew what had happened.

Instead of the baby being thrown out with the bathwater, the cat was thrown away with the box set.

Immediately. Roy called the buyer, who lived four miles away. The buyer had already removed the mattress from his vehicle when he received Roy’s call. Upon inspection of the mattress, the buyer could not find the missing tabby.

Feeling extremely guilty, Roy blanketed the area around the mattress buyer’s house with missing cat posters. He also started a social media awareness campaign on Reddit. As a reward for any information on Camo the cat, Roy was willing to pay $200 – the same amount he received for the mattress set.

For ten days, the feline mattress case remained a mystery, then Roy and Hayley received a tip from an anonymous caller across town. Camo had been spotted.

With a sardine trap and a handful of familiar-scented clothing, Camo was lured out of the wilderness after only 90 minutes.

Upon inspection the cat had suffered a cut lip, a few broken nails and two pounds of weight loss.

Camo is now recovering at home. Roy, on the other hand, is still in hot water with his girlfriend.

Slow-Motion Dreams

Are your dreams filled with slow-motion action scenes straight out of the Matrix? Do your dream movements feel like your limbs are weighed down in cement? Does it take an eternity for you to cross from one side of a room to the other? You’re not alone.

Daniel Erlacher, from the Psychologist University or Bern in Switzerland, believes that all of our movements in our dreaming state are conducted in slow motion. Erlacher used lucid dreamers to conduct a number of experiments on the time it takes our subconscious mind to complete an action. When he compared these findings to the time it took a conscious mind to complete them he found that the sleeping movements we perceive ourselves doing occur at half the speed of our conscious actions.

But while our movements are often slow and deliberate, the motion is rarely the focus of the dream itself. Ian Wallace, a dream expert that claims to have analyzed over 200,000 dreams, puts the dream theme of ‘slow motion movement’ at 55th on his chart of common dream subjects. The delayed momentum may be present, but it is rarely the focus.

Some dream analysts have suggested that slow motion represents an inability to act. This feeling may be the result of physical or mental obstacles that have prevented us from acting on a desire in our conscious life.

On the other side of the spectrum, dreams where your body is moving too quickly are usually followed by the sensation of flying. Flying is associated with freedom. So, the faster you move, the freer the spirit.

History of the Sealy Mattress Company

Mattress Choice in Coquitlam is proud to sell the top three luxury mattress brands in the industry: Simmons, Serta and Sealy. This week we would like to focus on the Sealy brand and offer our readers a brief history of a company that made a small town in Texas world famous by producing some of the world’s most revolutionary mattress designs.

The Sealy story began in 1881, in a small town called, you guessed it, Sealy. Daniel Haynes was a cotton gin builder who received a request to build a cotton-filled mattress. After several successful contracts, Haynes began to focus entirely on mattresses. He created a machine that compressed cotton to produce firm but comfortable sleeping instruments. This lead to more innovations and several patents, all in the hope of producing a superior bed.

Haynes sold his franchise to another Texas company at the turn of the nineteenth century. This company kept the Sealy name and began to mass-produce the beds using the technology that Haynes had developed. As the orders came flooding in, the new Sealy Company decided that their brand needed a slogan. They hired Earl Edwards to come up with a catchphrase that would encapsulate the experience of sleeping on their beds. The tagline that Edwards created: “Sleeping on a Sealy is like sleeping on a cloud.” And with a simple stroke of the pen, a mattress superpower was born.

With an enduring desire to improve their beds, the Sealy Company continued to alter their design, adding innovations to size, composition and branding. They were the first mattress company to offer a king size bed, they reinvented the coilspring and they introduces the world to the Sealy Posturepedic mattress, the signature bed.

Currently, the Sealy Company owns and operates 25 bedding plants in the United States and is currently in negotiations to open a factory in Nigeria, a first in the luxury mattress industry. Of the 25 plants in the US, three are dedicated entirely to innersprings and component parts and one is producing its very own latex, another first in the industry.

Mattress Choice is proud to continue the tradition of selling the Sealy brand, a tradition started over 125 years ago in a small town called Sealy.

6 Incredible Dream Facts

Our motto is “Better Sleep, Better Dreams.” The more comfortable you are, the more relaxed your mind will be when it’s time to fall asleep. With a relaxed mind, your subconscious will be far more likely to seek out soothing scenarios, rather than plunging your thoughts into a swirling nightmare.

We want to equip the public with the most comfortable luxury mattresses in the industry, so they can dream lightly of simple flights of fancy. But we also like to educate. To help with the latter, we have compiled eight dream facts that you were probably not aware of:


6. Google, the Twilight series and the invention of the sewing machine were all the result of dreams that their creators had.

5. Each time you put your head down to sleep at night you dream. You may not remember them, but you do. Like your sleep cycles, your dream periods will increase as the night progresses. Your first dream could be three minutes in length and your final dream could be up to sixty minutes.

4. Many cultures believe dreams to be messages from the heavens. The Romans built entire temples devoted to dreaming. Individuals would go on pilgrimages to these sites, hoping once they got there that their dreams would contain messages from the gods, instructing them how to live their lives. Ironically, they were probably just as likely to get a premonition at home, then at the temple.

3. Like in life, your dreams rely highly on metaphors. We often use metaphors to grapple with concepts and feelings that may not be easily understood or expressed. Our subconscious uses visual metaphors that we often articulate through language in our waking life. A stormy period in our life could be shown to us as an actual storm in our dreams.

2. The Bible contains over 700 references to dreams.

1. Babies don’t dream about themselves until they are three years old.

Black Friday Sales in Coquitlam

Our sisters and brother to the south sure know how to prepare for the holiday season; Well, at least the material side. This week thousands upon thousands of shoppers will flood malls across the United States as the commercial world celebrates the unofficial pre-Christmas shopping phenomenon known as ‘Black Friday’.

And guess what, the madness is heading north. Malls around the Lower Mainland are taking a page from our Yankee cousins and offering dramatically reduced prices over the next week.

This year’s theme seems to be gift cards. Malls across Metro Vancouver will be handing out gift card giveaways to lucky shoppers. In Coquitlam, at the Coquitlam Centre Mall, random patrons will be selected to receive cards ranging in value from $10 to $500. Their campaign is titled: “Get Spotted and Win!” The mall has employed a ‘Black Friday Squad’ to handout the cards randomly. Here is a full list of the other deals being offered at Coquitlam Centre on Black Friday:

At Mattress Choice, we will be offering our already low prices on the finest beds in the industry. You can take advantage of our incredible pricing from now until the end of December. There is no rush or fear of being trampled, just the best luxury mattresses at the lowest prices possible.

Coquitlam Christmas Marketplace

The Blackberry Artists Society is ready to open its 18th annual Christmas Marketplace this Thursday at the Port Moody Arts Centre. The Christmas craft fare will run nightly from 6 to 8 p.m. The final craft showcase will take place on the 18th of December.

The Blackberry market is the perfect opportunity to find a unique gift for one or all of your loved ones. It is also a wonderful incentive to supports local artists working in your community. Some of these artists have been working all year in preparation for this event. By purchasing one of their creations, you are directly encouraging the growth of craft culture in B.C.

No two creations are the same at the craft fare, so ditch the generic for something special and personal.

This year’s event features over 60 handmade plates created by the Tri-City Potters. The proceeds from the sales of these rare plates will go to help the Port Moody Arts Centre.

On December 4th, the organizers will host a ‘girl’s night’. This event will include a spa treatment, champagne and the option for personal shopping support. Cost for this night is $10.

Dreams of Your Ex

You are in a healthy committed relationship, but you still are experiencing random dreams about your ex. What does it mean? Are you experiencing feelings of insecurity regarding your current relationship? Do you secretly want to reunite with your previous partner? claims to have the answers.

According to the dream databank, dreams about your ex are perfectly normal. They often occur when you are experiencing similar feelings to those felt in an earlier relationship. Some view these revisits as an alert to avoid previous behavioral patterns. If the feelings are positive, the dream may be a subconscious comparison.

Even dreams about reconciling with partners can be innocent. A dream about making up with an ex-lover could show just how far you have come since the break-up. It also might indicate that you miss certain aspects of that relationship, but maybe not the person.

If you dream about your ex dying, it probably means you have reached that point where you are fully over the feelings you once had for that person. The morbid metaphor shows your willingness to move on, free of your memories for that person.

Whatever the case, don’t let your subconscious control your reality. Enjoy your new life with your new partner. If the dreams persist, consider a new luxury mattress. A more comfortable sleep, means better dreams – dreams about clouds, soft meadows, flying and ice cream. Keep your ex at the back of your mind and dream with abandon.

Coquitlam Votes

The people of Coquitlam have chosen to re-elect Richard Stewart for mayor of the city. This will be Stewart’s third term as mayor of Coquitlam.

Stewart had a landslide victory, with nearly two-thirds of the mayoral vote. Coming in at a distant second was Lou Sekora, a longtime city councilor and former mayor. Sekora is 83 years old. He claimed his age was one of the reasons Coquitlam voters chose not to elect him.

After his defeat, Sekora was asked if he would be returning to politics. He said that he would not and was looking forward to retirement. “I slept very good the last few nights,” he added. “I feel like I have a 100 tons off my shoulder.”

While Sekora will be familiarizing himself with his luxury mattress, Stewart is destined for an uphill battle of political reconciliation. “I have to figure out how to bring some disparate views and perspectives into the same room so we can work together,” Stewart said. “I want to have a council that strives to work for consensus.”

Our advice for Stewart is to maintain a healthy sleeping schedule. The more time on the mattress, the more energy he will have for council. Good thing Mattress Choice is close and accessible.

Silencing the Squeak

We’ve all been there. It’s 1:30 in the morning and you and your partner are getting a late start on the passion parade. Emotions are high, desires need to be met, but you’re worried about your bed and the noise it will make.

Will the kids hear you? Will you wake the neighbour’s dog? Will Mr. Montgomery three doors down have his hearing aid on? These are not the questions you should be thinking of.


To help, Mattress Choice has come up with a short list of different ways to help you silence your mattress, so you can turn your attention to what really matters.


5. The Headboard Clang

To solve the issue of the headboard, find one of those pool noodles and cut it in half. Then attach one of the halves to the back of the headboard. This will give you a cushion for… well you know.

4. Squeaky Joints (The TinMan Syndrome)

WD-40 is your best friend. Remove your box spring and luxury mattress so you can access the necessary screws (no pun intended). Start by tightening them all. You may need to find that funny IKEA tool. Then give all the joints a little shot of WD-40, being careful not to spray it on your carpet. It’s always best to have a rag on hand to prevent backsplash.

3. Solid Frame

A solid wood frame emits less noise than a cheap IKEA model. If it starts to wear over the years, you can replace the screws with slightly larger ones. Platform frames are the best option.

2. Carpet Damper

An area carpet can dampen the noise, especially if you have a metal bed frame. It might slide a little on your hardwood floors, but it can always be readjusted before anyone notices.

1. Bonus Mattress

If you are buying a new luxury mattress set, hold on to your old one and use it as an extra buffer between your new Simmons Beautyrest and your bed frame. It will give you a little extra height, but all good things deserve a platform.

Hope this helps.

Sleep Gadgets: The Wake-Up Light

Reducing the light in your bedroom is essential for getting an undisturbed rest. Blackout blinds, artificial light reduction and a tight doorframe can help you secure 8-hours of rest a night. But wouldn’t be great to have your own personal sleeping assistant open the blinds when it’s time to rise-and-shine.

Well the good people at Phillips have come up with a way of letting the light in without leaving the bed. The Wake-up Light uses a combination of light therapy and sound to gently wake users, without the brash beeping of an alarm clock. The light increases over a 30-minute period, giving you a natural wake-up call. The user presets the final intensity, as some people require more light than others. The Wake-up Light maxes out at 250 lux.

If you are an auditory riser, the light also has the ability to pipe in the soft sounds of birds chirping or can be set to your favourite radio station.

Phillips claims that independent tests have shown that 80 percent of Wake-up Light users believe the gadget makes it easier to start the day.

As a bonus, the light is also bright enough to be used as a bedside reading lamp, with 20 different intensity settings.

Enjoy your Coquitlam mattress wake-up instead of fearing the alarm clock.

Tom Brady’s Sleeping Habits

Tom Brady, of the New England Patriots, is 37-years old this season and his arm shows no sign of retiring. He laid the critics to rest last week when he lead the Patriots to a 43-21 victory over Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos. This was the 16th meeting of the all-star quarterbacks and the eleventh time Brady has come out on top.

This week, the Boston legend was interviewed by WEEI radio. WEEI inquired about Brady’s well publicized bedtime of 8:30 p.m. Brady responded with a simple explanation of his passion to keep playing at the highest level.

“Strength training and conditioning and how I really treat my body is important to me, because there’s really nothing else that I enjoy like playing football,” he said. “I do go to bed very early because I’m up very early. I think that the decisions that I make always center around performance enhancement.”

As Coquitlam mattress salespeople, we are enthralled to see one of the finest athletes in the game taking sleep so seriously. Now if only we could get Mr. Brady to be a sleep spokesperson… He could pass his mattress message on to the youth out there who strive to reach his level of athleticism.

If you are looking to improve your sleep, Mattress Choice has one of the largest selections of mattresses in the Lower Mainland. Come visit us at 101 Schoolhouse Street in Coquitlam and find your perfect sleeper.

Pillow Top Vs. Muffin Top

The age old debate will finally be settled this week as Mattress Choice pits the luxurious pillow top mattress against the ever-delectable muffin top.

Opening statements:
Pillow Top
A ‘pillow top’ is an extra upholstery layer on the top of a luxury coquitlam mattress. It offers another layer of comfort that works together with the support system to offer a plush sleeping experience for those who enjoy a softer top layer.

Muffin Top
The ‘muffin top’ is the domed top layer of the common yeast-based snacking cake. It is often considered more desirable than the lower cup contents of the common muffin. The top has a crusted outer surface that offers a different textural layer.

Arguments For:
Pillow Top
Like the foam on a latte, a pillow top mattress takes the standard and makes it luxurious. It is perfect for side sleepers and those with who enjoy a softer sleeping experience. Once you try one, it will be hard to go back to the basic fabric layer.

Muffin Top
Without it, you’re just eating slightly healthier cake.

Pop Culture:
Pillow Top
Most celebrities choose luxury over the standard model. The Biebs definitely has one.

Muffin Top
Julia Louis-Dreyfus made the term famous on an episode of Seinfeld. Her character Elaine planned to open a muffin shop that sold only the tops of the baked treat.

Arguments Against:

Pillow Top

A pillow top mattress cannot be flipped like a standard mattress.

Muffin Top
The term has come to symbolize the layer of chub just above the hips that most of us carry from eating too many muffins.

It’s a tie. They are both wonderful additions.

To test sleep a pillow top mattress, visit Mattress Choice in Coquitlam at 101 Schoolhouse Street. BYOM – Bring your own muffin.

Adult Humour

College Humour has released a humours video comparing children’s dreams to their adult equivalents. The animated short features a number of common dreams that young children have like being chased, dying or simply falling. These are then juxtaposed with common adult fears from the 21st Century.

Most of the adult anxiety issues revolve around the loss or the temporary malfunction of technology. The simple dream of falling is compared to the emotional strain of watching your phone fall to the floor. The dream of being chased is likened to the experience of being ‘trolled’ on the Internet.

The final parallel features the common dream of death. The cartoon representation features a towering bear armed with an assault rifle. College Humour compares this dream to the helpless feeling of a broken Internet connection.

A little over the top? Maybe. But the video does show how closely our tech world is tied to our physical self. When stripped of our devices, our modern lives are disrupted to a level similar to that of a nightmare. Tech breakdowns cause our mood to change and we develop unnecessary anxiety.

These fears are amplified by sleep loss. Miss a night of sleep and the smallest tech issue can turn into mountain of madness.

Our suggestion: Limit your devices, get more sleep and spend more time in the park and less in the cloud.


Leave it to Cleavage

This is not your grandmother’s Jello mold.

The ladies of Leave it to Cleavage are returning to Coquitlam for one hilarious night of improv comedy at the Evergreen Theatre. On November 7th, Diana Frances, Ellie Harvie, Denise Jones and Christine Lippa will return to the Tri-City area to preform Leave it to Cleavage 2: More Cleavage.

The ladies of laughter are set to poke fun at the traditional role of the housewife, specifically the 1950s bouffant wearing, clothes bleaching, Stepford smiling, martini sipping, everything is perfect on the surface, homemaker. With help from the audience, the comedy foursome will compare our modern era to the post-war shine of the 1950′s Cleaveresque family.

The show’s first incarnation was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award in the improv group category. The show includes a ‘Battle of the Sexes’ game show portion and a number of standard skit formats that are tweaked by suggestions from the nightly audience.

The all-female troupe has over 10 years of experience doing stage comedy.

Adult tickets cost $35, seniors are $30 and students are $15. The Evergreen Theatre is located at 1205 Pinetree Way in Coquitlam.

Egyptian Cotton

What is ‘Egyptian cotton’ and why is it so highly valued as a fiber for bed sheets?


Egyptian cotton is a strain of American cotton that was introduced to Egypt in the 1820s. It is believed to be a hybrid of a number of cotton plants including a line of Peruvian cotton. It was brought to Egypt as a potential cash crop to support the Egyptian army.

The cotton line did incredibly well on the fertile Egyptian delta and it was soon being exported all over the world. Its value took a significant jump during the American Civil War, when European textile mills were forced to look for other cotton suppliers.

The distinctive element of Egyptian cotton is its long narrow fibers. The reduced width allows for higher thread count and lighter, stronger fabrics. The material is also breathable and is less likely to pill than standard American cotton.

When the Civil War concluded, European markets returned to their American suppliers because of their lower prices. This had a huge impact on the Egyptian economy, forcing the country into bankruptcy in 1876. Six years later, England would annex Egypt, partly because of the country’s poor economic turn.

Most of the world’s ‘Egyptian’ cotton is now grown in Pakistan. When flooding wiped out a large portion of the crop in 2010, prices skyrocketed.

Knock-off Egyptian cotton textiles are produced around the world; so if you are looking for the premium blend for your mattress sheets, make sure it’s legitimate.

Dream Architects

What if you could control the content of your dreams? What if you could become the virtual architect of your nightly fantasies? Would it become too much of a temptation to live your life in your subconscious, rather than in reality? Possibly, but think of the fun you could have!

Here are five dream scenarios that could have dream controllers running for their mattresses:


1. The Sports Legend

Pick a sport, any sport. You’re now the best that ever was at it. You can score at will, evade defenders, move faster than anyone and you never get tired.

2. The All-You-Can-Eat

No diet, no calorie count, just mountains of treats to enjoy. You travel the world sampling food and you never gain a pound.

3. The Time Traveler

Quantum Leap without the terrible acting and the bizarre premise. This one is for all the history scholars. Imagine going back in time and stumbling into Michelangelo on the streets of Rome. Or landing on the Galapagos Islands with Charles Darwin. Or sitting front row at the Monterey Music Festival in 1967 and watching Jimi Hendrix torch his guitar. Poooof. Mind blown…

4. The Intergalactic Explorer

Just you and your space shuttle, travelling through galaxies and experiencing new life forms and alternate universes.

5. The Reincarnation

You are now your favourite animal. No more social media. No stress. No wardrobe malfunctions. You are free to be a wandering vagabond concerned only with your personal survival.


Sounds tempting doesn’t it. But then again, what fun is sport without the challenge? Would chocolate taste as sweet without the sinful calories that go along with it? What if Jimi got distracted by your modern clothes and decided not to showboat? What if there is no other life out there beyond earth? What if you were crushed within seconds of being reincarnated as a beetle? Before you even got to fly?!?!?

Maybe our standard dreams are more practical – a little variety and the odd nightmare to keep us on our toes. All we really need is a luxury mattress to stretch out on.

A Friend in Need

Sometimes the best thing you can offer a friend in need is advice.

If a close companion ever approaches you and tells you they are having troubles sleeping at night, ask them this short list of questions. It may help them find their desired Zzzz’s and you’ll look like a hero.


1. How dark is your bedroom?

Light intrusion is never a good thing. The darker the room the better. Blackout curtains are ideal for shift workers who have to sleep during the daytime.

2. Do you often bring your portable electronics to bed?

Tablets, smartphones and laptops all admit blue light wavelengths that can mess with your melatonin levels. Try to keep them out of the bedroom, especially the hours before bed.

3. What time do you eat dinner?

People who eat late in the evening are susceptible to digestive issues hampering their sleep. Give your body time to digest your last meal of the day by eating earlier. Reducing your intake of spicy foods and or alcohol can also help.

4. What is the temperature in your bedroom?

A cooler sleeping climate greatly improves your chance of an undisturbed sleep. A warm room can irritate the body and force you to fight with your bedcovers.

5. How old is your mattress?

Any mattress over eight years old needs to be replaced. Mattresses tend to sag as they age and their internal springs become compromised. A new luxury mattress can provide instant relief to those unable to sleep at night. Mattress Choice has a massive selection to choose from and quality staff to offer advice on what brands and models are appropriate.


Be a hero to someone in need and recommend

Mattress Choice for their next mattress purchase.

Five Crazy Facts About Dreams

Here are five interesting facts about dreaming that you may not have known:

5. Differences in Sexes

  • Research has shown that women tend to have more nightmares than men. This may be due to more women reporting their nightmares than their male counterparts. Another interesting difference is that men tend to have dreams about solo situations, while women often dream about group scenarios.

4. Freud Was First

  • Sigmund Freud was one of the first known doctors to suggest that symbols in dreams are highly personal. Before his theories were published, the common thought was that symbols were universal for all dreamers.

3. Stress Test

  • One of the most significant triggers for nightmares is stress. If you continue to suffer from nightmares, it may be time to take a few weeks off work and or reduce your social engagements.

2. Trauma Repeated

  • Post-Traumatic Stress can cause patients to relive their traumatic experiences again and again in their dreams. Their subconscious may still be trying to grapple with contextualizing the issues witnessed first-hand. The attempt to understand the situation keeps the event fresh in the mind.

1. Terror Report

  • Night terrors are an actual sleep disorder and not just a term made-up by Christopher Walken. Night terrors commonly occur in the first few hours of non-REM sleep. One to six percent of children experience night terrors between the ages of three and twelve. Night terrors can also occur in adulthood and are often thought to be hereditary.

Five Ways to Help Your Child Sleep

5. Put them to bed earlier

It may seem counter-intuitive to put your child to bed earlier if they can’t fall asleep at their usual bedtime, but trust us, it works. Children need at least 9 1/2 hours of sleep. When we keep them up at night, they often get more wired then tired.

4. Stick to a tight bedtime schedule

Make a plan and stick with it. This might be inconvenient some nights, but it will pay off down the road.

3. Family Meeting

Sleep is an important issue, one that needs to be discussed with your children. We are often surprised at our children’s ability to reason. If you explain how sleep keeps us healthy, happy and energized, children will begin to see its value.

2. Small Rewards

Setup a list of good sleeping habits. Involve your child in the process of creating goals that move towards a healthy sleeping schedule. You can use stickers or playtime promises as rewards. Document the plan on your child’s bedroom wall for a visible reminder. Use pictures for easy understanding.

1. Setup a sleeping sanctuary

A dark, cool, quiet room, void of electronics is ideal. Make sure to check their mattress for comfort and wear. A good mattress might make all the difference.

Five Reasons Why the Student Protests in Hong Kong Need Our Support

5. The movement has been termed the ‘Umbrella Revolution’

  • Peaceful democratic protests that are met with tear gas and batons need support. The movement has adopted the term umbrella because the protestors have been using the rainy-day accessory to ward off gas and water attacks. When individuals are forced to use household items to defend themselves against organized oppositional forces with advanced weaponry, they face a tilted battle.

4. Students are at the heart of the movement

  • Universities are some of the key institutions for democratic movements. They are also the home of our most educated citizens. Protecting their right to express themselves openly is essential for healthy public discourse.

3. Willing to Sleep in the Street

  • Anyone who would rather sleep in the street than on their mattress deserves respect.

2. The core issue is open elections

  • China announced in August that all candidates in the Hong Kong election would have to be pre-screened by Beijing. This basically means: ‘You can vote, but you only get to choose from the leaders that we select.’ China, in their “one country, two systems” promise, agreed to allow Hong Kong free elections by 2017. The Beijing veto is a giant step away from free elections.

1. Hong Kong immigrants make up the largest group within Vancouver’s Chinese speaking community.

  • The multicultural make-up of our country demands that we involve ourselves in global issues, especially when they affect the basic rights Canada upholds.

Shomi vs. Netflix

There’s a new streaming service coming to Canada to compete with the uber-successful media site Netflix. Shomi will debut next month, offering Rogers and Shaw customers the chance at the beta version for competitively priced $8.99 per month.

The service has a number of hit cable shows that are currently unavailable on Netflix. It will also feature 1,200 movies by the end of the first year.

The new service puts the two platforms in direct competition.

To make it easier for our Coquitlam Mattress customers to choose, we though this week we could do a head-to-head (show-to-show) comparison. Just for fun…

Breaking Bad vs. Sons of Anarchy

Netflix – The OS (Original Streamers) hold the ticket to Breaking Bad. Walking away with a boatload of Emmy awards, Breaking Bad is the obvious favourite. The story resonates in a weird way with the ‘everyman’s quest to provide for his family’ motif. None of us would go to the extremes that Walter does, but the producers do create a seemingly impossible empathy for one of the most horrific criminal minds shown on the small screen.

Shomi: The bikers are in their seventh and final season and hype is high. This will be the black feather in Shomi’s Canadian toque. Like Breaking Bad, the show revolves around illegal activity and the individuals who depend on its income for their survival. Rumours are swirling of a spin-off series set in the 1960s.

Louie vs. Archer

Netflix: Archer has been a favourite of Netflix users, many who wouldn’t dare flick to the Cartoon Network on their regular box. The show has completed five seasons, with plans for a six this spring. Archer has a strong replay ability factor.

Shomi: scored a giant when they inked a deal for Louie C.K.’s self titled dark comedy, Louie. The show is a standout among comedy programs because of its edgy and awkward takes on middle-aged life and its unique formatting. The comedian has full control of this series and as a result, each episode plays out

It’s All In the Name

The Serta Perfect Sleeper collection is aptly titled. The bed’s ‘Smart Surface’ is engineered to deliver maximum comfort to the edge of the bed, while providing a cool calming sleep surface for optimal sleeping conditions. It is the perfect bed to end your day on.

The perfect sleep begins with Serta’s examination of the five common mattress failures: tossing and turning, lack of support, sleeping too hot, partner disturbance and mattress sag. These are the inhibitors of a quality sleep.

By examining the deficiencies of other mattresses, Serta has designed a surface that stands (lies) alone in the mattress market.

Serta’s Perfect Sleeper is also the only Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the education and advocacy of sleep related issues.

The entire luxury mattress line of Perfect Sleepers can be found at Mattress Choice. We offer a 90-night guarantee that our beds will provide the best sleep possible. Visit our Coquitlam showroom to find your Perfect Sleeper ready and waiting.

Dangerous Driving

According to data procured in Ireland, one in five road collisions is caused by dozing drivers.

A road safety conference in Dublin this week heard from sleep professionals on the dangers of falling asleep behind the wheel. Professor Walter McNicholas, of the Sleep Disorders Unit at St Vincent’s Hospital, claimed that drowsy drivers are less likely to take evasive action and are unable to react in an emergency.

The Professor went on to identify undiagnosed sleep disorders as one of the leading contributors to accidents resulting from driver fatigue.

The Irish specialist’s remarks echo the driver warning issued by the Irish government the previous year that warned drivers with sleep problems to not drive until their condition is properly treated.

This warning is especially relevant to individuals who drive for a living. Taxi, bus and shuttle drivers should be closely attuned to the quality of their sleep. Heavy load drivers should also monitor their sleep patterns. Reoccurring issues should be immediately discussed with a doctor.

But vehicle commuters should also follow suit. A simple two second eye close could result in a disastrous crash. Knowing when to put the keys back in your pocket due to fatigue is just as important as knowing when to call a cab after a night out.

Be safe and secure your rest.

The Happiest Little Satellite

In a recent interview on CBC, astronaut Chris Hadfield responded to questions from Canadians about the international space program. One of the callers was a five-year-old boy who was worried about the Voyager satellite. Hadfield’s answers to the boy’s innocent questions are beyond sublime.

The boy, Timor, was losing sleep worrying about the satellite’s lonely voyage through space. “What if something goes wrong and there is nothing to fix it?” he asked.

Hadfield responds, not with a simple factual statement about the satellite’s mortality, but with an elegant allegory concerning the ‘happiness’ of Voyager, a machine that gets to brave the depths of space. “It’s as happy as it can possibly be,” claims Hadfield. “It’s very brave and very lucky to be doing what it’s doing…it’s traveled further than anything we’ve ever built has traveled before.”

When Timor’s questioning returns to the satellite’s safety, Hadfield again responds with an inspiring thought:

“It might have been safer for it to stay home and stay inside a building, but then it would have been sad forever. Because it would never would have done its purpose. It would have never discovered things. It’s all a wonderful story of great discovery and success and it couldn’t have happened if Voyager hadn’t been brave.”

Hadfield finishes the call by relating Voyager’s journey to the little boy’s life. “Timor, think about the fact that you are a little bit like Voyager,” he explains. “In that, you are going to go see the world and you’re going to call your mom on the phone and tell her about the wonderful things that you see.”

We guarantee Timor is sleeping more soundly after this beautiful exchange of words from one of Canada’s finest. Thank you Mr. Hadfield for inspiring not just the youth of this country, but also the adults, the ones sending their little Voyagers off into the unknown.

Sleep Cravings: The Nocturnal Snacker

A few weeks back, we heard about a young fellow who had an interesting story about midnight snack cravings. Now the late-night munchies is not a new phenomenon, by any stretch, but in the gentleman’s retelling of the incident, he claimed to be completely unconscious during his raid on the pantry. He only knew he had caved to the sugary treats when he woke up with a stomach and an empty bag of candy beside him.

At first, the story sounded a little too hokey. Maybe it was just an excuse he told his partner: “No really honey, I was sleeping. It doesn’t count against my diet if I wasn’t conscious!” But then we did some research on the topic; Turns out sleep eating is an actual affliction.

The condition is termed “Nocturnal Sleep Related Eating Disorder” by the medical community. It falls under the category of parasomnias, disorders that are triggered during the slow wave cycle of sleep. Sleepwalking is another disorder that falls in this category.

During a parasomnia episode, an individual’s brain gets trapped between sleeping and waking states. The body can move and act in familiar motor patterns and even engage in the act of eating.

Apparently, the disorder is often caused by stress, commonly brought on by individuals who are attempting to control their weight by dieting.

Katherine Morgado, of the Center for Sleep Medicine at New Jersey’s Englewood Hospital believes that the rare eating disorder is strongly connected to unfulfilled urges. “The theory is that if you’re consciously denying yourself food, the unconscious brain is undermining you by satisfying that urge to eat at night,” she claims.

These unconscious urges to eat are often experienced by individuals who have fluctuating hours of rest. Shift workers are more susceptible because of their varying schedules. Their body might be used to eating at 2:30 in the morning because that is when their coffee break is during their graveyard shift.

Morgado has also found that the disorder can be triggered by certain medications.

The best way to prevent nocturnal binges is to maintain a constant sleep schedule and consult with your doctor about any new meds. Alternatively, you may want to try putting a padlock on the pantry.

Top Ten Saturday Morning Activities

10. Taking the dog to Bramble Park

  • Watching your four-legged best friend sprint over the morning dew in pursuit of a tennis ball is an uplifting way to start the weekend.

9. Cracking the newspaper

  • You never get enough time to enjoy the paper during the work week. Taking the time to read a paper from back-to-front is a luxury reserved for Saturday mornings.

8. Sipping coffee on the deck

  • Time slows to a crawl when you have a cup of joe in your hands and the whole weekend in front of you.

7. Podcast and housework

  • For many of us, cleaning is a therapeutic activity that allows us to de-stress and refocus our attention on other priorities. Add a podcast or a CBC interview and the worries of work all but flutter away.

6. Cooking bacon in a cast iron pan

  • No explanation needed. Bacon speaks for itself.

5. Taking the bike out for a spin

  • Two-wheel adventures will always trump a four-wheel commute, even if it’s to the grocery store and back.

4. Calling your parents

  • Retired folk are always up at the crack of dawn. Give your parents a phone call next Saturday morning. You will be surprised at how much mutual joy it will bring.

3. Watching cartoons

  • Nothing like a little return to your youth. A bowl of cereal and some (American) Netflix retro cartoons… Priceless.

2. Yoga

  • Yeah it’s trendy and granolaesque, but gosh darn, it feels so good.

1. An extra hour (or three) in bed

  • You’ve been denying your Coquitlam mattress all week. Spend some guilt-free time reconnecting. Time on your mattress is always time well spent.

Canuck Fan Responds to Burrows’ Tweet

Imagine waking up on your luxury mattress, rolling over and checking your twitter feed and this is what you find:

How quickly could you be out the door?

Well, on Monday, September 8th, the first to respond was Capilano University Student, Tristan Jones. After a quick tryout, the amateur goalie was thrown into the mix and took pucks from some of Vancouver’s deadliest snipers. He played for an hour with the Vancouver squad, minus Lack and Miller, and answered questions from the media for about another hour after the drilling.

The dream-come-true scenario couldn’t have happened to a more rewarding candidate. Jones coaches and trains young goalies who also dream of one day strapping on the pads for Vancouver’s most popular sports team. His new adventure adds to Jones credentials as a top tier coach for hockey enthusiasts.

No word yet if Kassian delivered on the free lunch. Our guess is Zach took him to the local McDonalds for a happy meal.


This is not the first time the Vancouver Canucks have called upon local amateurs to fill in as goaltenders. Many of you might remember the 2003 game against the Pittsburgh Penguins when Chris Levesque was called up from the University of British Columbia’s Thunderbirds. Dan Cloutier had fallen to injury at the pregame skate and Alex Auld was two time zones away with the minor league affiliate. Jonas Hedburg played that night, but a collision in the first period drew all eyes to the end of the bench where Levesque sat trembling in his newly pressed, #40, Canucks jersey. Hedburg was able to shake off the hit and continue, but for a few seconds it looked like UBC’s second backup keeper would be between the pipes.

Don’t know if that would be a dream or a nightmare…

The 90-Night Test Sleep

Mattress Choice is so confident that you will absolutely love your new luxury mattress that we are now offering a 90-night comfort guarantee. Try your mattress for three months and if you are not completely satisfied, Mattress Choice will offer a free exchange. This is the best comfort guarantee in the industry.

How can we offer such a promotion? Well, our mattresses are the finest available in North America. We only supply the top three brands: Serta, Sealy and Simmons mattresses. These companies have gone to great lengths to create beds that will maximize your comfort, eliminate motion transfer and have you skipping off to dreamland in less time than any of their competitors.

Our professional staff will advise you on your mattress selection, so you leave our showroom with the perfect bed for your comfort specifications. We want your purchase to be right the first time, so we never rush a sale.

Shop where you know your consumer interests will be met. Purchase your next luxury mattress at Mattress Choice and go to sleep knowing you have made the best possible choice.

Come see us at our Coquitlam showroom and view our entire line of luxury beds.

Married to the NHL

You may not have asked for it, or even considered it, but the W Network believes that documenting the daily routines of the wives of current NHL stars will be the ‘next’ big reality series.

“Real Wives of the NHL” (working title) will be coming to the small screen early next year. The show will follow the lives of eight NHL spouses as they balance their careers, social obligations, family life and the hectic NHL season. The show is expected to have an 8-12 episode run.

Two of the show’s stars have been announced: Nicole Brown, wife of Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown and Noureen DeWulf, wife of the Vancouver Canucks newly acquired, number one goaltender, Ryan Miller. Both of these women already have experience behind the camera. Brown’s family was featured on the “NHL Revealed” program that aired last season on both NBCSN and CBC in Canada. DeWulf is an aspiring actress who is currently featured on the Charlie Sheen comedy, “Anger Management.”

The show was originally pitched to the NHL Network, but after the sports channel passed, the W Network acquired the rights.

This will not be the first time hockey wives have been featured on television. CBC tried a fictionalized version in 2008 called “The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives.” The show was cancelled after one season due to poor ratings.

The producers of the current show hope that “Real Wives” will be able to tap into the already established reality TV market, following in the footsteps of shows like the “Real Housewives of Vancouver.”

The announcement of the series came on the heels of another announcement by one of the two stars: Noureen DeWulf just divulged that she is pregnant and the couple will be expecting their first baby in March.

Let the off-ice drama ensue.

Soundproof: Sleeping With Earplugs

Earplugs can be the perfect accompaniment to a luxury mattress when securing eight hours of rest a night. They can block out your husband’s snores, the dog barking across the street, your fridge hum and even the bass from your neighbour’s teenage son’s house party. They are perfect for sleeping on airplanes, at the library and on a crowded bus across Thailand. What they don’t tell you about earplugs is the danger they pose.

Wearing earplugs to bed can limit your body’s reaction time to nocturnal dangers in your home. You may not be able to hear an intruder entering your residence. In severe cases, earplugs may even block out the sound of the smoke detector.

Your body is alerted to danger by sounds in your vicinity that can pull you from your slumber. If you remove the ability to hear them, your personal safety is reduced.

Earplugs can also damage your inner ear. Your body naturally produces earwax to protect your inner ear from bacteria. This wax, without you knowing it, drains from your ear daily. When you use earplugs, the wax in your ear is unable to drain at an even rate. The result is a buildup of wax that can produce ear infections.

There also is the threat of damaging your ear canal when you force the plugs too far.

Specialists suggest that users remove their plugs slowly, as a quick pull can also do damage. A slow twist-pull is the best method of removal.


Soundproof Headphones

These are softer on your inner ear, but can sometimes muffle even more sound than the plugs.

White Noise

Ambient sounds from a player in your bedroom can help your mind and body ignore the sound that is keeping you up at night.

Custom Earplugs

A custom set of plugs is the best option if you want to stick with the earbuds. As a bonus, these are often made out of materials that are less likely to grow bacteria.


Lottery Dreams

We’ve all daydreamed of winning the lottery, of seeing the numbers and staring at our ticket in disbelief. But have you ever experienced winning during your nightly dreams?

Well a man from Limerick, Ireland did and guess what? The very next day he found out he won 150,000 pounds.

It happened last week when the EuroMillions numbers were announced. The unnamed chap had five matching numbers which earned him quite the purse.

When interviewed, Mr. Anonymous claimed to have recently struggled with health issues. When asked about the scope of his win, the man said: “the fact that I’m still here is my Lottery win.”

In his dream, the man said the shop clerk who sold him the ticket visited his house to tell him he’d won the grand prize.

Even though a few of the details were off, it does seem surreal that his subconscious played out the scene in his head a few hours before it happened.

In an added twist, this is Mr. Mystery’s second time getting five numbers right. Maybe he does have the gift of sight? Or maybe he has the perfect mattress for dreaming. We suspect the latter.

Find your million dollar mattress at Mattress Choice in Coquitlam and dream your way to your next lucky break.

Summer Movie Report Card

It seems as if summer flew by. It feels like only days ago we were watching the World Cup, gasping in awe as Germany trounced Brazil 7-1. Apart from soccer, the beautiful weather kept us outside and active. We paddleboarded, kayaked, picnicked, sipped patio cocktails and cycled everywhere.

With all that fun in the sun, there was little time to head to the movie theatre to take in a summer blockbuster. Apparently, our sentiments were felt across the continent as movie ticket sales were down 14.7 percent when compared to the summer of 2013.

Maybe it will be a wet fall and we will all spend October and November ordering videos on demand and enjoying popcorn flicks form our Coquitlam mattress. If this is the case, here’s ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ of movies for the summer 2014:


The Good:

Guardians of the Galaxy

It currently holds a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. The trailer was amazing and it has a talking raccoon bounty hunter – a recipe for success.

X-Men Days of Future Past

The reboot of the X-Men series is popcorn gold. A younger cast that includes Jennifer Lawrence is attractive to both the comic-nerd audience and the teenage girl demographic.


The indie film that was shot over ten years. The audience is actually able to watch the young star grow up in front of their eyes. An ambitious project that is worth the time to marvel at.


Not really a summer film, more late spring. It was first released in India in 2013 and picked up by Sony Classics for a 2014 NA release. Watched it this week on VOD. A beautiful piece of cinema.


The Bad:

A Million Ways to Die in the West

Seth McFarlane, you are not a leading man.

Expendables 3

How a second one was make is mind-boggling. How a third was made remains a mystery on par with the Bermuda Triangle. The film also wins the award for most bizarre casting decision, choosing Kelsey Grammar to take the role that Nic Cage turned down. Tossed salad and scrambled eggs…

Jersey Boys

The mighty have officially fallen. It looked like Clint could do no wrong after his return with Unforgiven. Now it looks like age is finally catching up. That being said, we still believe ‘The Man with No Name’ has one final western in him.


The Ugly:

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The same people that made the decision to bring back Arsenio Hall must have signed off on this project. Not everything deserves a second life. Let’s hear it from the dog pound!

Sex Tape

You can’t create chemistry from nothing. Diaz and Segel may be fine actors on their own, but together… Please. Just stop.

Ten Signs Summer is Not Over

10. The phrase ‘goalie controversy’ has yet to be spoken on Sportsnet

Ryan Miller may have arrived to save the Canucks in net, but the minute he lets in three goals or more, the chants for Lack will be heard from Lougheed to Robson.

9. You can still sleep nude on your luxury mattress without bed sheets

With the blinds down of course.

8. The wasps are still around

Who hasn’t bought one of those dollar store electric tennis racquets? No verbal warning necessary, just a quick backhand.

7. The Vancouver Harbour looks like a cruise ship parking lot

Give us your retired, your rich, your out-of-shape masses yearning for vacation.

6. Road construction continues…

Will it ever be done? Probably not.

5. Pumpkin spice lattes are still unavailable at Starbucks

PSL lovers only have to wait a week.

4. Squeegee kids

Rain is the best repellent.

3. The teacher strike has yet to be settled

As soon as parents realize their kids won’t be heading back to school, the pressure will be on to resolve this dispute. Jokes aside, this has taken way too long.

2. White pants are still acceptable

If Diner en Blanc taught us anything, it’s that one should never eat cold spaghetti while wearing white pants.

Socially acceptable? Yes. Practical? No.

1. It’s still ridiculously nice out!

Enjoy these days like they were your last. The rain is coming. You heard it here first.

Relaxing Our Grip on Reality

Our nightly dreams can place us in situations that are completely void of earthly parameters. We tend to suspend our logical brains in order to advance the story in our dreams. We question little and accept bizarre scenarios as completely plausible.

But why? We would never accept a talking penguin in our daily life, why would we continue a conversation with a flightless friend in our dreams?

Well, Freud would tell us that the unnatural situations are just symbols. We recognize them as such and therefore do not question them.

In Freud’s view, the sleeping mind is more enlightened than the cynical, conscious mind. Our dreams offer emotional lessons that our standard reality is unable to provide.

Other dream theorists, like Allan Hobson, believe that certain brain functions, like working memory are dulled during dreams. Logic is superseded by random brain activity that manipulates reality, creating a jumbled loose connection of images. In other words, we form situations based on pieces of a puzzle instead of the whole picture.

Both theories make for interesting memories when we return to reality in our waking hours. Even recalling a dream can be tricky as our logical mind attempts to make sense out of a senseless environment.

Our thoughts on the matter: Give in and enjoy your escape. Gravity, science, your responsibilities – those will still be there when you wake and pull yourself from your luxury mattress.

Water Damage

Water damage in condominiums is a serious problem. Burst pipes can damage the furnishing, floors and structural integrity of the surrounding units. If your home has received collateral water damage, contact your insurance company immediately.

A licensed restoration company can access the situation and help you put your condo back together.

If your mattress was in a room affected by water seepage, make sure to do a full assessment of the damage before sleeping on it.


Here are some important questions to consider:

1. How long was the mattress partially submerged in water? If it was more than 24 hours, the mattress will definitely need to be replaced.

2. Was the water contaminated? If there was even a small chance of contamination, the mattress is finished.

3. How long did the mattress stay wet before being cleaned and dried? Again, if it was more than 24 hours, then there is a chance that spores have attached themselves to the mattress.

4. Are there any signs of mold in the room where the mattress was stored? If the flooded room has poor ventilation and or previous mold problems the mattress is toast.

For specific questions regarding water damage, contact a reliable restoration company. For a mattress replacement, contact Mattress Choice in Coquitlam.

School of Doodle

The daily news can be full of stories that make you cringe at the direction the world is heading. From environmental collapse, to needless violence, to pointless celebrity gossip, the day’s ‘top stories’ can easily lead you down a path of gloom.

Well, this week we came across a news article that resorted our confidence in the creative spirit to rise above the mess. The feature article centred around a kickstarter program that is hoping to raise enough funds to launch an online high school for teenage girls. The school will be known as the ‘School of Doodle.’


The online facility hopes to inspire creative experimentation in female youths through peer-to-peer, self-directed and traditional teaching methods. The program already has a number of well-known artists attached to the project. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, Chan Marshall (Cat Power) and J.D. Samson of Le Tigre are on board.

The school is looking for donations to get the online education program up and running by the end of the year. Benefactors that donate $50 or more are treated with original artwork from artists such as Courtney Love, Yoko Ono, Sarah Silverman and the members of Pussy Riot.

The project has released a YouTube video explaining how the school will function. In the video, Natasha Lyonne, from “Orange is the New Black,” explains that the site has three levels of learning. The first level is ‘dabble’, a section with numerous online tutorials on a variety of subjects that promote creativity. The second level is ‘dig’, where girls can focus their learning on specific art forms that interest them. The final level is do, where users can publish and discuss their creative endeavours.

There are no grades, just inspiration.

To help fund this project check out their kickstarter link below:



30 Cats in 31 Days

Are you a single professional who is tired of coming home to an empty house?
Are you a parent who promised your kids a pet?
Do you have an elderly ward who is looking for companionship?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, you may be interested in the Coquitlam cat adoption initiative.

The Coquitlam Animal Shelter is hoping to put thirty cats, in thirty homes, in 31 days. The shelter currently has over 40 mature cats that need love.

If you think you can provide the love and care needed to adopt a cat, please consider the adoption program. You could have a cuddly friend coxing up to you on your luxury mattress by the end of the month.

The shelter is also hoping to build awareness for feline identification. The majority of cats that find their way to the shelter are dropped off as strays. They are found wandering the streets without identification. The shelter is urging pet owners to provide their animals with collars, so that they can be returned to their owners if they wander to far from home.

The summer is the worst time for kitty disappearances, as owners often leave their windows and doors open for air circulation. Curious house cats, who may not be accustomed to living outside of their four walled home, find their way outside and become disorientated. This can lead to family heartache at the loss of a loved one.

The shelter provides microchip identification services for $20 to help lost cats find their way back to their owners.

If you are interested in adopting a cat or registering your animal, please contact the Coquitlam Animal Shelter from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the weekend.

*Prospective adopters need to fill out applications before starting the adoption process.

What ‘Joy’ May Come

Mattress Choice would like to recognize the inspirational work of one of the world’s finest comedians, Robin Williams. Sadly, Mr. Williams passed away this week, but his films and live performances will remain with us, filling our hearts with joy and inciting uncontrollable laughter. Here are our top five Robin Williams films:

5. Aladdin

As in many of his films, Willams stole the show from the title character, playing the genie in this Disney classic. The animators captured Williams’ spirit and added a visual fireworks display of kinetic energy for the electric dialogue supplied by Williams.

4. The Birdcage

Originally a theatrical play, the Birdcage explored some risqué topics on the nature of accepted sexuality. It also showed the lengths a father would go to help his children.

3. Mrs. Doubtfire

Another film that explored cross-dressing for the sake of the children and of course comedy. A lovely little film that gained a huge following. Standout scene: Robin Williams doing the housework to Aerosmith’s classic: “Dude (Looks Like a Lady).”

2. Good Will Hunting

A movie written by two young film students (Ben Affleck and Matt Damon) that had more heart and honesty then most bedside journals. Williams won the Academy Award for Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Will’s therapist. The following excerpt is just a snippet of the park scene that still, to this day, stands as a beautiful soliloquy to every cocky undergrad who thinks an education can be attained through reading alone:

“You’re just a kid, you don’t have the faintest idea what you’re talkin’ about. You’ve never been out of Boston. So if I asked you about art, you’d probably give me the skinny on every art book ever written. Michelangelo, you know a lot about him. Life’s work, political aspirations, him and the pope, sexual orientations, the whole works, right? But I bet you can’t tell me what it smells like in the Sistine Chapel. You’ve never actually stood there and looked up at that beautiful ceiling; seen that. If I ask you about women, you’d probably give me a syllabus about your personal favourites. You may even been laid a few times. But you can’t tell me what it feels like to wake up next to a woman and feel truly happy.”

1. Good Morning Vietnam

This film was the perfect mix of William’s unique stream of consciousness comedy and the honest brutality of life, in this case, life in a country gripped in the midst of war. Laughter can mend almost any wound, but the loss of life is final.

Thank you Robin for the lessons and the laughter.


This month marks the 100th anniversary of Canada’s participation in the Great War, WWI. 425,000 Canadian soldiers were sent overseas to fight and more than 60,000 never returned. Many of those that did come back struggled with undiagnosed issues resulting from post-traumatic stress for the rest of their lives.

Trench warfare was a bloody awful business. It required soldiers to live in some of the worst conditions imaginable for months at a time. After living in filth and sustaining on very little nutrients, they were then ordered to attack the enemy and fight for their lives and country. We owe them a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid.

As a mattress company, we were intrigued as to what sort of sleeping conditions the soldiers were awarded in their barracks and along the front lines.

In their barracks, the military men and women were given army cots. These consisted of a wooden frame with stretched fabric for a sleeping foundation. Thin wooden crossbeams that raised the beds approximately a meter off the ground supported the frame.

In the trenches the soldiers would have slept on virtually anything that offered some form of comfort. They would dig out ‘funk holes’ to protect themselves from overnight ariel bombardment. Most slept directly on the ground.

The finest sleeping arrangements were awarded to the soldiers who were wounded. Military hospitals supplied thin mattresses on steel bed frames. These primitive sleeping platforms provided the maximum comfort to those who were suffering from battle related wounds and illnesses.


To all those who suffered and gave their lives for our freedom, we thank you. 

Parked for the Night

At one point in your life you will find yourself in a situation where the most reasonable option for overnight shelter is your car. Maybe you are on a road-trip with friends, or on an overnight ferry, or (god forbid) tossed from your home, and you need a place to stay. You are out of range of your friend’s and family and a hotel bill is not in the cards. Where do you look? The answer: to your four-wheeled rolling mattress, your car.

Well built for driving and transport, the modern-day auto can be surprisingly comfortable. But the comfort is usually limited to seated positions. Stretching out can be difficult, especially for those of us with longer frames.

We suggest the following three positions:

1. The Hearse

For those of you lucky enough to own mini-vans (he said without sarcasm), the backseat area is perfect for overnight trips. Remove the seats and stow them alongside the van. Then spread down anything soft you can find on the floor. Hard-pressed for comfort? Search out some cardboard in an alley recycle bin. Ghetto, but practical.

2. Backseat Bliss

If you are short enough to fit lengthwise across the back seat, feel lucky. This is the perfect spot for stretching out, on par with your couch. Old American cars from the 50s and 60s are the best for this.

3. Drive and Recline

It’s not quite business class, but it’s often better than coach. The secret to front seat slumber is steering wheel position and tilt. If you’re riding solo, take the passenger side.


Added Comfort:

Bedding – A pillow and a sleeping bag is all you need. Keep these in your trunk at all times.

Toiletries Bag – Keep an extra toothbrush and deodorant stick in the car. A face cloth is another welcomed luxury.


Parking Tips:

Wal-Mart – You can park at any Wal-Mart parking lot overnight. Fact!

Tarp – Maintain your privacy and keep the morning light out; a tarp is an unobtrusive cover for your automobile. It will save you from Mrs. Gostein’s window knock at 7 am.

Lock your doors – Keep your doors locked, but your windows cracked. You don’t want your windows steaming up. Just another excuse for the police to investigate.

Central Valley Greenway

Some of the staff at Coquitlam’s mattress store, Mattress Choice, decided to spend part of our Sunday morning on two wheels. We biked from our mattress showroom on Schoolhouse all the way to Jericho beach to take in the Folk Festival. Our route: the Central Valley Greenway.

If you live in Coquitlam, Burnaby or New West and you haven’t experienced this amazing bike path, you don’t know what you’re missing.

In total, the path is 25 kilometers long and runs from Science World in Vancouver all the way to New Westminster. It includes shared roadways, designated cycling lanes and multi-use pathways. Our favourite section was along still creek, just south of Lougheed Highway in Burnaby. Most of the trail is lit at night for those wishing to stay in Vancouver until the wee hours.

Once in Vancouver, the trail connects with the 22-kilometer seawall path that virtually takes you to almost every beach in Vancouver. Want to skip a section, jump on the SkyTrain, like we did to start our tour. Just don’t try to put your bikes on during rush hour.

As a route to the office, it is perfect for summer commuting. Make sure to bring a spare change of clothes. We were soaked in sweat by the time we reached Jericho. Thank goodness for the cool waters of the beach.

By the time we made it home, we were in dire need of some time on the sheets of our Coquitlam mattress. All in all, a great route – we highly recommend it.


Westcoast Summer Music Scene

This weekend, British Columbia hosted two tremendously successful music festivals.

The west coast had to wait six years for the return of the Pemberton Music Festival, but it was well worth the exercise in patience. The organizers were able to solve some of the major logistical problems from the first outing, while enticing some of the biggest acts from a number of musical genres. The weekend did come with a tragedy, a young man’s life was lost, but the event was able to continue, honouring the young man with three days of solid music and live acts.

In town, the Folk Festival proved that it can still draw a massive crowd to Jericho Beach. The music and arts festival had its problems as well, with the headliner Joan Baez cancelling last minute due to viral laryngitis, but acts like Mokoomba and Andrew Bird kept the dreadlocked crowd in a tither.

The rest of the summer promises even more live music opportunities with the following festivals slated to entertain Western Canada:


Shambhala Music Festival

  • August 8th to August 11th
  • An EDM lover’s dream come true, this festival features all the dance music you can move to, plus a host of workshops and markets and a warm dose of peace and love added for extra sweetness.

Squamish Valley Music Festival

  • August 8th to August 10th
  • The hugely popular Squamish festival is back! This year’s lineup features a large number of hip-hop acts, one of the biggest being Nas, a last minute addition to the dance card. Also on the bill, the hugely popular Canadian talent, Arcade Fire.

Osoyoos Bluegrass Festival

  • August 8th to August 9th
  • Two days of fantastic bluegrass in sunny Osoyoos

Split Equates to Hypertension

A new study by researchers at the University of Arizona found that individuals who are dealing with a divorce are much more likely to develop serious blood pressure issues as a result of their lack of sleep.

After examining the sleep reports of 138 new divorcees, for close to 8 months, the Arizona team identified a pattern between individuals who struggled with sleep after 10 weeks of being separated and divorced individuals with hypertension. Those who were kept awake by anxiety and depression were far more likely to develop serious health problems as a result of high blood pressure. The report’s findings can now help doctors address these health problems before they become life threatening.

Divorcees struggle with sleep for a number of reasons. One of the most common is a lack of a sleeping partner. When you sleep beside someone for more than five years, it’s hard to find rest in a bed devoid of his or her presence. Another reason for sleeplessness is the lack or disruption of sleep routines. Most couples have a strict sleeping routine that they, consciously or unconsciously, follow each night. Remove a part of that routine and sleep is hard to come by, at least the initial stage.

Improving the sleep environment might offer relief to the newly divorced. Purchasing blackout blinds or a new mattress can greatly enhance the ability to fall asleep. This, along with the knowledge of sleep related illnesses, may help make this period more manageable and perhaps lead to healthier singles.


Five Ways to Sleep Outside Without a Tent

One of the heaviest things that you put in your hiking backpack is your tent. It also usually takes up the most room. To avoid carrying a cumbersome shelter, Mattress Choice has prepared a list of five sleeping alternatives for the back woods:

5. Bivy Living

A bivy is like your standard tent, a thin fly, a light frame and zipped openings. The difference is the size and weight. Traditionally a bivy is one-man affair. There is no room to stand or even crouch. It is sort of a fabric coffin. But even though the quarters are cramped, it does offer basic protection from the elements.

4. Hammock Hangups

Light and comfortable, but occasionally difficult to configure. Hammocks are also completely useless above the treeline. What the hammock does offer is refuge from the ground critters. They are also surprisingly comfortable. Just pray the wind doesn’t pick up.

3. Tarp Creativity

Who needs a tent when you have a tarp specialist in your ranks? Tarps are great for redirecting the rain. They can keep a large area dry from rain from above, but they can’t prevent the ground below from becoming saturated from runoff. They can also provide a dry area for eating and changing out of wet clothes.

2. Lean-On-Me

More of an emergency shelter, a lean-to can provide shelter from the elements with zero added weight on your back. Using found materials to build or manipulate nature so that you can balance wood or stone against a cross beam. This crude design will deflect the elements, but that’s about it.

1. Ground and Pound

Just you, your sleeping bag, maybe an air mattress and the stars above. If you can’t see the stars – build a lean-to.

Ten Summer Moving Tips

Moving during the summer is never a fun activity. On top of the joys of packing all your belongings into boxes, you also have to deal with hot sweaty conditions outside. To make your move easier, Mattress Choice has compiled a list of 10 tips for moving during the summer:

10. Plan of Attack

Plan your move in stages. Do your packing at night, after the sun goes down and start weeks before the trucks come. Use Tupperware bins for easy storage and transport.

9. Let’s Get Physic-al

Time to make full use of those physics classes you took. The more leverage you can wield, the less stress you have to put on your back. If you’re not hiring movers, ask the rental truck company if you can borrow (lease) a two-wheel and a four-wheel furniture dolly. This will make life immensely easier.

8. Labelmaker

Label everything. It may seem like a pain at the time, but it will make unpacking so much easier. To take total advantage of the label system, create  a separate inventory sheet of the boxes. A little OCD, but again, well worth it for reducing stress and keeping cool.

7. Ice-To-See-You

Don’t pack the ice cube trays till the end. Ice is your friend. Keep them close and replenish often.

6. Winter Can Wait

You won’t be using your parka and winter clothes for months. Throw all that fun stuff in airtight bags and forget about it.

5. Green Baggies

Buy lighter bags for backing your plants. These will limit the mess of moving soil. They will also limit the leaves scattered around your new place. Just remember to take them off as soon as you find them a spot in your new home. They’ll need water immediately.

4. Nuts and Bolts

Use small baggies for all your furniture screws. These are great for electronic wires. Once bagged, use green painters tape to secure them to their larger counterparts.

3. Overnight Bag

Don’t forget to pack an overnight bag containing a change of clothes, your toothbrush and soap. This will save you time searching through boxes for your deodorant. It’s also a good idea to pack a few snacks in this bag.

2.  Goodwill Hunting

If it’s been a while since your last move, make a few executive decisions about the wear and tear on your furniture. Is your couch worth keeping? You can always donate your used furniture to Goodwill and start fresh. Make sure to check your mattress tag. If your mattress is older than eight years, make a trip to Mattress Choice and pick out a brand new luxury mattress. We have a full line of AirCooled Simmons Beautyrest mattresses to keep your summer nights cool.

1. Last Thing to Go

Your fans should be the last things you put in your truck. These will keep the air moving through your home as you move. You can also set them up quickly in your new place if they are the last items on.

Good Luck.

Coquitlam Skateboarding Ban

In a few short weeks Coquitlam will be banning skateboard and scooter use on all city streets and sidewalks. City council introduced the bylaw on Monday, July 7th. There was little discussion with the public concerning the vote.

The new law would limit boarders to ‘multi-use’ paths that accommodate cyclists and pedestrians. Walkers have the right-of-way on all such paths.

Boarders can continue to use designated skate parks for park play, but the ban limits the ability of citizens to use boards and scooters as means of A-to-B transportation.

Part of the reason for the new ban, according to Mayor Richard Stewart, is the aging population in Vancouver’s suburbs. Keeping sidewalks safe for seniors and all pedestrians “represents a real challenge,” claims Stewart.

Jackson Hilts, the manager of Flatspot Boards in Vancouver, was disappointed with the decision. He believes that municipal governments, which often adopt a double standard for boarders and cyclists, treat boarders unfairly. “When longboarders get hurt, they call for a ban. When a cyclist gets hurt, they call form more and safer bike lanes,” says Hilts.

Currently there are three public skate parks in Coquitlam: Railside, Settlers and the Town Centre Skate Park.

Gamble? Always!

The decision by Dutch coach Louis van Gaal to substitute goalies at the 120th minute of their quarterfinal matchup against Costa Rica was considered by many to be a huge gamble.

What is he thinking?’ – was the internal thought of soccer fans around the world as the substitution took place.

But apparently Van Gaal knows best, as the trash-talking keeper entered the game cold and stopped two decisive penalty shots to lead the Netherlands to their semi-final matchup on Wednesday.

Tim Krul, the keeper who had been on the bench for the entire game, is not considered a penalty-shot expert by any means, but he had spent a great deal of time studying the kick choices of his opponents.

Van Gaal knew this and he also saw the psychological advantage of introducing a player with an apparent aura of expertise. It also helped that Krul verbalized his knowledge of the shooters tendencies before each kick, further psyching out his opponents.

The ruse worked and Van Gaal was seen as a genius tactician. But it could have easily backfired.

Both player and coach must have slept like swaddled babes that night, basking in the warm glow of a gamble paid off.

Women’s Choice Award

Mattress Choice is pleased to announce that the female consumer advocacy group, WomenCertified Inc., has honoured the Serta Mattress Company with the 2014 Women’s Choice Award for trusted brands.

The award is the product of a national survey done by women across America. It is intended to help consumers, specifically woman consumers, establish a list of companies that provide the best possible products with the highest degree of customer service.  The list of winners represents a catalogue of brands that women feel comfortable recommending.

In a Nielson survey, 92% of Americans will seek out recommendations of other before making a major decision. This figure is apparent in the massive popularity of online sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Delia Passi, CEO and founder of WomanCertified Inc., believes a recommendation is much more significant than simply a favourable review. “When a women is willing to recommend a brand or service to others, it means that business has earned her loyalty,” claims Passi. “Those are the businesses we wish to recognize for their efforts and commitment to the No. 1 consumer – women.”

Mattress Choice is proud to offer Serta’s full line of luxury mattresses at our Coquitlam mattress store. Stop by and test the bed that women across North America are recommending.

Mood Blanket

Contrary to what the Beatles claimed on the White Album, happiness is not a warm gun but a blanket; at least this is what British Airways is betting on.

BA is rolling out a line of business class blankets that are intended to monitor a passenger’s ‘happiness’ level. The blankets work in conjunction with a headband woven with neurosensors to monitor brainwaves. With bluetooth technology, the headband transmits a signal to the blanket. Depending on the information gathered, the blanket glows either red or blue, depending on the passengers relaxation levels.

Like a giant mood ring, the blanket informs the cabin crew of the wearer’s comfort. The cabin crew monitors the personal fluctuations of colour and adjusts service accordingly. This adjustment includes mealtimes, menus, lighting and cabin routine.

The ultimate goal of the happiness blanket is to reduce jet lag by offering the most relaxing atmosphere possible. The more relaxed an individual is, the easier their brain will transition to a new time zone.

Currently the blankets are being offered to business and first class passengers flying from New York to London.

Coach users, you’re on your own. Your one consolation prize: you don’t have to wear a Jon McEnroe-esque headband.

Here are a few sleep expert tips for those us us at the back of the plane:

Remove your shoes as soon as possible.

  • Footwear limits circulation. Remove your shoes and your blood will flow better, making it easier to relax.

Wear a sleep mask.

  • Almost as ridiculous as the headband, a sleep mask may make you look like a dork, but the reduction of light will mimic the conditions in your bedroom.

Recline your chair.

  • Ignore the comfort of the passenger behind you. Be selfish. Recline your chair to the max. It may not be the same comfort level as your luxury mattress, but at least it’s more comfortable than an upright church pew.

Six Summer Skin Tips

You’ve spent eight months covering your skin with long-sleeved shirts and pants. Now, the warmer months have returned and those layers of clothing are starting to be shed. But your skin hasn’t seen the sun in ages. How do you protect it and still receive that desired olive glow?

Mattress Choice has a few recommendations for summer skin care, especially for those of us with paler complexions:

1. Make it a gradual transition

To achieve any semblance of a healthy summertime skin shade, you need to pace your exposure. Going shirtless all day on the boat is a recipe for boiled lobster.

2. Wear a ridiculous hat

Your face is one of the areas on your body that receives the most concentrated rays. Due to this fact, your face is highly susceptible to skin cancer. Be safe. Wear a hat. Follow Pharrell’s lead.

3. Smack on the sunscreen

There are now plenty of products on the market that do the job. The more you like the product, the better chance you’ll use it. Make sure to apply it at least 30 minutes before exposure to the sun. Also, make sure it works with whatever activity you’re planning on doing, especially if it involves water. Experts suggest a SPF rating of 15 or higher. Reapply often.

4. Assume the duckface

No one wants to taste sunscreen on their lips, so we often forget to lather them. Instead of tasting Coppertone, buy a lip balm with a strong SPF rating. For the ladies, you can also buy lipstick with SPF. The darker the shade, the more UV defense.

5. Make like a movie star

Prolonged UV exposure can increase the chance of cataracts and macular degeneration. Spend the money and choose shades with UV protection of 400. The more coverage the better. You will look cool and be safe.

6. Love your mattress

Your body needs rest for all those summer activities. It also needs rest to rebuild those skin cells that are damaged by the sun. Prevent acne, wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes with a few extra hours on your luxury mattress Coquitlam has the ideal store to shop for a new mattress. Take a break from the heat and visit Mattress Choice’s air-conditioned showroom.

The Ultimate Music Festival Mattress

Premier Inn in the UK is designing a king sized luxury mattress for the festival camping experience. Music lovers will now be able to enjoy their festival experience in style, waking refreshed from their muddy tents, ready for a full day of indie rock, EDM and big base hip-hop.

The mattresses are inflatable, but a far cry from the blow up beds of the past. In fact, they are more like a kit than a regular air mattress. They are specifically designed for the festivalgoer.

What intrigued us, were the 1000 air springs designed to mimic pocket coils like Simmons uses in their Beautyrest mattress series. These springs will provide a comfort level that your Thermarest could only dream of.

The mattress’s sleep fibers actively respond to the users body temperature, regulating the air temperature within the mattress.

But the real beauty is in the details.

The hotel company (slash) mattress developer has included a number of features specifically aimed at those camping in the fields. The mattress has a hidden pocket with ear plugs and sleep masks. It also has a secret compartment for valuables. For added luxury, the bed comes with wipes for a quick clean and a lavender scent to put you to sleep.

The sheets are pre-fitted with a thin duvet to keep you warm at night but cool in the morning. The pillows are blow-up as well. All these features are ready-to-go once inflated.

Along the sides of the mattress are running lights, for stumbling late-night revelers.

In total, the bed, with all of its gadgets, weighs approximately 6 kilos, just over 13 pounds.

The mattresses are set to be released in 2015, not quite in time for Pemberton or Squamish this summer, but definitely something to tell your friends about for next year.

Flurry of Moves From the Canucks

Trevor Linden has taken the reigns firmly in his hands and started the long and strenuous road towards creating a competitive NHL hockey team from the bottom up.

Gone is the hero from 2011, the man, who alone, took on the Nashville Predators; Ryan Kesler is now an Anaheim Duck. Kesler was unhappy with the organization’s new direction. Jim Benning, Linden’s new GM, knew that and made the tough choice to trade the star centerman. Kesler will surely be missed, but think about the added caproom.

But Benning wasn’t finished. Jason Garrison’s four-year contract, with an average of $4.6 million a year, is now the burden of the Tampa Bay Lightening. Garrison only produced seven goals in 81 games with the organization, a far cry from what the Canucks were expecting.

And what has been added? With the Kesler deal the Canucks acquired two first round picks. Their first choice, going 6th overall, was Jake Virtanen, a speedy left-winger who grew up a Canucks fan. Vancouver fans shouldn’t expect him to be as flashy as the Russian Rocket, but the youngster does bring some added speed. Vitranen will probably need another year in junior before joining the Canucks in a permanent role.

With their 23rd pick overall, also from the Kesler deal, the Canucks chose Jared McCann, another speedy forward and playmaker.

Now, on the cusp of free agency, the Canucks are poised to add even more pieces to the evolving blueprint.

Patience Canucks fans. The future of your franchise is in good hands.

Jake Virtanen

Summer Chaos

Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a slide.

The kids are home for summer early and all semblance of routine is quickly being abandoned. The World Cup is on, the sun doesn’t set till 9:30 and with no classes to wake up for, the children are rising at different times. Chaos is at the gates, threatening to steal all the order you have worked so hard to build over the school year.

Reign in your dragons and take back control of the realm.


Start with a sleep schedule. Kids thirteen years and under need ten hours of sleep a night. It’s a lofty goal, but one to strive for. Managing sleep patterns demands consistency; Bedtimes are easy to manage during the winter months, far more difficult during the chaotic days of summer.

Extending bedtimes is understandable, but make sure your wee ones make up that extra hour or two on the back end. Don’t let it get too out of whack or you will never be able to manage the September transition.

To help with the extended daylight hours invest in some black out drapes to eliminate the light in your children’s rooms. Keep their bedrooms cool with fans and summer bedding. Make sure all electronic devices are off when it’s time for sleep.

If you have your kids signed up for a plethora of summer camps, be sure to squeeze in some free time. Over-scheduled kids can often get stressed, leading to less sleep at night.

For you, there is only the climb. Manage it well and the realm will fall into place.

Foosball in the Park

The Coquitlam Parks Board is jumping on the World Cup hype train by installing two foosball tables at Town Centre Park.

The tables are being added to the table tennis area for public use.

Already popular in Europe, the outdoor tables will be the first of their kind in Canada.

Built of steel and concrete, the tables are meant to take a beating by the elements and players. They also have a graffiti resistant coating for easy cleaning.

The Parks Board is hoping that the tables will bring the indoor excitement of the World Cup to an outdoor environment. “When we get multi-generational users, grandparents bringing their little ones and being able to play, it augments that sense of people having things they can do together in the park,” claims Kathy Reinheimer, the City’s park manager. “It’s a little unusual, but it’s the kind of thing that’s generational and people really gravitate towards it.”

Reinheimer is pleased to announce the community immediately accepted the tables. “I’ve been quite surprised how quickly people have started using it, both in terms of playing and watching.”

Top Ten Places in Vancouver to Watch the World Cup

World Cup fever has gripped the Lower Mainland. Car flags are everywhere, nationalist spirits are at an all time high and face painters are making a mint.

A sports market that is predominately ruled by stick-and-puck is embracing the beautiful game. The failures of the Canucks are quickly becoming an afterthought.

To appease the 9-to-5 workers, offices are bringing in flat screens to the workspace, so employees can catch the favourite teams in action and quickly return to their paper pushing.

With the final round of 16 just days away, the madness is poised to escalate. Where will you be watching the knockout games?

To help you decide, Mattress Choice has compiled a definitive list of the top ten loudest, most intense venues for World Cup viewing in the City of Vancouver:

10. Manchester Public Eatery

1941 West Broadway

For English and Dutch fans, this is the place to watch. England may not make it to the final 16, but the Netherlands have are all but guaranteed a spot.

9. Score on Davie

1262 Davie St.

The World Cup is set to rival the Pride Festival for colours flown in the West End. This bar has a great outdoor patio equipped with screens.

8. G Sports Bar

1208 Granville Street
Open early for 9am games, this bar is a great weekend destination.

7. Cambie Bar and Grill

300 Cambie Street

Being connected to the Cambie Hostel means lots of representation from all over the globe. Just be careful of the draft beer. Our advice: stick with the bottles.

6. El Azteca

1130 Mainland Street

This Yaletown eatery is the perfect spot to cheer on Mexico. Poised for a long run, Mexico may be the team to beat this year. Enjoy a Mexican breakfast or a bucket of cervezas.

5. Local Public Eatery

2210 Cornwall Street

Opposite Kits Beach, the Local is a great destination spot. Catch a game then head to the beach for a few hours, then return for highlights from the day.

4. The Five Point Restaurant and Pub

3124 Main Street

Deep in hipster territory, The Five Point is setup for moustachioed viewing. Ride your bike for instant cred.

3. Boteco Brasil

2545 Nanaimo Street

The host nation headquarters. Enjoy some traditional Brazilian food while taking in the games.

2. Charles Bar

136 West Cordova

Is the Cambie too grimy for you? Head next door to the Charles Bar for some pinky-raising, pint-tipping shenanigans.

1. Abruzzo’s Cappuccino Bar

1321 Commercial Drive

For the ultimate World Cup experience, Commercial Drive is the place to be. Abruzzo’s is full of sweaty Italian men who are passionate about footy. Be careful of spilling your latte when it’s time to yell: “Gooooooooooaallll!”

“What is Your Dream Job?”

You’re 95% of the way through your interview. So far it’s been all sunshine and lollipops. You’ve gone through all your work history, explained your specific skill set, talked about your time abroad and then… the dreaded question: “What is your dream job?”

Now, there are a number of ways to handle this inquiry. You could take the route of shooting high, claiming that one day you see yourself as the CEO of a major company in your field. You could be honest and pull up your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. Or you could give the brown-nosed answer: “I’m applying for it right now.”

But what does the interviewer want to hear?

Well, they want to hear three things:

1. That you have a plan.

-If you don’t know where you’re headed, you probably don’t have enough life experience under your belt and this can be appear risky to some employers. They want to know you have used your past experiences to identify what position you feel warrants your ambition.

2. That you have passion

An enthusiastic response to this question shows an employee who has a goal and is ready to work towards it. This quality leads employers to believe that you are interested in bettering yourself and hopefully their company.

3. That you’ve done your research

Know the positions inside of the company. You may only be applying for an internship, but if you can list the senior director by name, their position and their path to the top, you can base your answer on a similar career trajectory.

Come prepared and dream big.


Ants in Your…Sheets?

Group D at the World Cup has had some problems with their nightly slumber after ants were found on the sheets of the Italian and Uruguayan beds.

Fernando Muslera, the goalkeeper for Uruguay, tweeted a photo of his bed sheets with close to a hundred ants on them. The team was training in an area close to the city of Belo Horizonte. Once notified, the staff at the hotel dealt with the problem swiftly.

“It was funny more than anything else,” Muslera explained, when asked about the infestation at a press conference before the start of the World Cup.

Funny? Yes, but also potentially harmful for the sleeping schedule of the athletes.

We all remember the photos tweeted by the Canadians in Sochi, of the ridiculously small beds in the Athlete’s Village. Thankfully, the Canadian Hockey team was able to overcome the sleeping situation and left the Russian city with Olympic gold.

For Uruguay, the sleep-loss may have resulted in their 0-1 loss to Costa Rica, in their opening match. Hopefully the squad will have recovered for their second trip to the pitch on Thursday against England.

Sleep Goggles

Have you ever heard the term ‘beer goggles’? Your friends may have directed the term at you on one of those nights when maybe you had one too many pints; standards fade and desire increases.

But did you know that a lack of sleep could have the same effect?

When we miss out on valuable hours spent on our luxury mattress, we start to develop ‘sleep-goggles’. Our ability to discern attractiveness plummets, as do our cognitive skills and our motor reflex skills.

In a study done by Jennifer Peszka, of Hendrix College in Arkansas, men deprived of sleep for 24 hours were far more likely to gauge a woman attractive. In many cases, the men, while well rested, rated the same women (in different pictures) less attractive. After going without sleep, the ordinary gains a new glow.

Like alcohol, a lack of sleep deludes our ability to judge. Now, this may not be a bad thing for men, who often gauge attractiveness purely on physical beauty, but it does tell us a lot about the potential effects of sleep deprivation.

Where it becomes potentially harmful, is in our ability to judge personal safety. We’ve all seen that drunk guy at the party who thinks he is invincible. His brain, clouded by alcohol, ignores the obvious signs of danger and the following morning he wakes up with a cast on his right arm. A sleep-deprived individual has a similar loss of threat perception.

This becomes even more dangerous when we add a vehicle to the mix. Governments spend millions on education to inform the public on the dangers of drunk driving, but not nearly enough resources are spent educating the public on the dangers of driving while sleep-deprived. There is no roadside test for sleep depravation.

Our advice is to pay more attention to your own personal sleep schedule. If you are overly tired, call a cab, call a friend, or take transit. Tell someone about your condition so they can monitor you throughout the night. Better yet, take the night off; those goggles do nothing for your own attractiveness.

Summer Bedding

The heat hasn’t hit us quite yet, but you can feel it coming.

Summer is returning to the Lower Mainland and with it those hot muggy nights. The nights, where no matter how early you go to bed, you only end up sleeping close to six hours.

Well friends, you can improve your summer slumber in a few easy steps. Here are five simple steps to make the hot nights of summer bearable:

5. Seasonal Bedding

  • Yes, it may seem like an extravagance, but trust us, owning seasonal bedding comes with huge rewards. For summertime, we suggest cotton or a light linen fabric. These materials allow your bedding to breathe, bringing in cool air and releasing your body’s warm air, something fancy silk sheets can’t do.

4. Colour Tones

  • Choose white or light pastel colours for your summer bedroom fabrics. These will reflect light during the day and absorb less heat.

3. Lighten the Feel

  • Buying a lightweight duvet is a great way to stay cool. No reason to sweat it out in the summer. Store your winter comforter in an airtight bag until the Fall.

2. Reduce the Throws

  • You are naturally more irritable during summer nights due to the humidity. Keep the pillows to a minimum and you will have less items to disturb you.

1. New Mattress

Mother’s Sleep

A recent survey by Mother and Baby magazine shows some scary stats about the lack of sleep experienced by moms. The figures were pooled from the responses from over a thousand participants in the UK. Here is a sampling of some of the stats that stood our for us:

  • Most mothers admitted to an average of five hours of sleep a night
  • Many claimed that a lack of sleep prevented them from enjoying motherhood
  • 56% said weariness left them with feeling of despair
  • 82% admitted that their lack of sleep affected their professional careers
  • 55% said tiredness made them irritated with their baby
  • 74% slept with their baby in their bed or slept in the baby’s room

The most affected group from the survey were mothers over 35.

  • 90% said their relationships were negatively affected
  • 70% said that sex was no longer on the table
  • 92% of the over 35 group felt ‘wrecked’ at work

So what can be done?

Two things came to mind for us: prioritize sleep and dads, you need to step up!

Moms, take as much maternity time as possible. When you do head back to work, make sure you plan for rest. Skip that hour of television or social commitment and head to bed early.

Dads, take a shift, or five. Share the responsibility of looking after the baby at night. It will help you connect with your child, give your partner a break and ultimately improve your relationship.

Dreaming Without Sight

Dreams tend to relate to experiences in life. So how does a person who is legally blind dream? Are they able to visualize different scenarios? How do they interact with their cerebral stimuli?

If you have ever pondered these questions, then you will be interested in the answers provided by Sleep Medicine. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen and Golstrup Hospital in Denmark, teamed up to investigate the differences and similarities between the dreams of individuals with full sight and those without.

Fifty adults were contacted for the study, eleven blind from birth, fourteen who became legally blind over their lifetime and twenty-five sighted individuals. Over a four-week period, the subjects recorded their dreams with speech-to-text software. The program included a questionnaire that asked them about their experiences in dreamland and what senses they used to interact with their subconscious.

As expected, all sight participants recorded at least one dream involving sight. None of the blind from birth group did and few of the ‘now blind’ group did, with even less sight dreams being reported by individuals who had lived longer with vision loss.

For the blind participants, as in life, the other senses were heightened. 70% of the blind groups experienced touch, while only 45% of the sight group did. For taste, 7% of the full vision group engaged, while 18% of the others did.

In regards to content, the experiences were similar: social interactions, success, and failure. There was also an equal level of absurdness. Apparently sight or no sight, we all use our dreams to misconstrue and morph our waking experiences.

What was interesting was the blind groups recorded more nightmares and threatening images. The researchers believe this simulation is “an opportunity to rehearse the threat perception and the avoidance of coping with the threat.”

The article definitely has us thinking differently about our dreams. Maybe tonight we will get to re-enjoy that strawberry rhubarb pie we had on Sunday night. Fingers-crossed.

Sealy in Nigeria

The Sealy Mattress manufacturing company is expanding its reach to Nigeria by joining forces with the new venture company, Belimi Limited. Belimi is a partnership between mattress giants Mouka, of Nigeria and Bravo Pty, of South Africa.

The newly formed commercial chain hopes to reach the growing middle class in Nigeria. The population of the West African country sits at 160 million people. The mattress companies plan to add comfort and sleep satisfaction to further improve the quality of life currently being offered to the people of Nigeria.

The cross-border collaboration is also an attempt to spur economic development that the citizens of Nigeria will benefit from.

Sealy plans to eventually add a manufacturing facility, so the beds can be produced with the quality that Sealy stands for inside the African nation.


Sealy Brand Executive, Ras Erasmus, released the following statement:

“As we establish more visibility in Nigeria, we are optimistic about offering a complete bedroom story to consumers who are looking for affordable world – class – inspired designs that embrace luxury.”

The mattress partners are aware of the problems in the North of Nigeria, but believe the security in the South is tight enough for investors to develop new business opportunities.

Fido’s Separation Anxiety

Losing sleep because your loved one is away? Just think how your dog feels when you go on vacation.

Separation anxiety is no longer a condition reserved strictly for humans. Pets are being diagnosed with the disorder as pet owners spend extra hours at the office.

Separation anxiety is actually the most frequently reported mental health issue with dogs (not so much in cats).

Like children and star-crossed lovers, pets miss their companions. Their anxiety can build up to a point where their only coping mechanism is home destruction. Owners return home to a an exasperated animal and a living room full of feathers and down.

In other cases, incessant barking has forced pet owners to give up their friends at the insistence of strata councils.

Some owners are using doggy daycares to help, but the bills for these services can quickly add up.

Clinical behaviourists are now being recommended by veterinarians to help release the stress put on animals with separation anxiety. A behaviourist can help you identify the initial triggers that build to your animal’s tipping point. Motions like putting on your shoes in front of your dog or grabbing your keys, can set an animal off. Doing these activities away from your pet can reduce their stress.

Specialists are also recommending practicing shorter separation periods. This will get your animal used to your absence, with the knowledge that you will return quickly.

For extreme cases, medication is provided.

Most cases, experts claim, take one to six months to resolve. A healthy animal will be able to accept your absence and use the time away for sleeping, probably on your Serta Posturepedic.

B Movie

Part Bad Lieutenant, part Twilight - the ‘B’ movie industry has a new hero and he’s all bite. WolfCop premiers this week in select theatres around North America.


Not since the Grindhouse series has the big screen seen an antihero so badass in stunning DV. Guns, blood, back hair – this film has it all in spades.

We first saw the trailer for this film on a recent viewing of “Neighbours,” the Seth Rogen/Zac Efron fraternity comedy. What seemed like a joke teaser is actually reality. Some one in Hollywood, believe-it-or-not, put a budget behind this script and created a popcorn flick so hideously over the top, that it seems pretty darn entertaining.

Reviews are few at the moment, but if the trailer is any indication, WolfCop has the potential to be the next cult classic. The basic premise: a bad but somewhat endearing cop, who seems to enjoy the drink, is kidnapped by Satanists and turned into a Wolfman. Instead of hiding his affliction, the officer of the law embraces his newfound powers and starts busting bad guys under the light of the full moon. Tarantino couldn’t dream this up.

There seems to be lots of laughs with crude humour, physical gags and terrible make-up. Thankfully the filmmakers are in on the joke.

So if you’re looking for something different this week and you’re not afraid of a little gore, give this exploitation film a try. We’d love to hear your reviews.

Parental Note: This ain’t Teenwolf, so leave the kids at home. 

The Bizarre Dreams of Ellen Page

At Mattress Choice, we’re obsessed with dreams; More specifically, we are obsessed with improving them. We want you to fall asleep on the perfect bed for dreaming the night away and we will go to any lengths to find you that ideal sleeping tool. We feel that if you have the right mattress, the dreams will come.

That being said, we also field quite number of questions regarding our customer’s dreams. We are definitely not trained psychologists, but we do enjoy listening to the imaginative, occasionally absurd scenes, that some of you escape to during your nightly dips into your unconsciousness.

We’ve heard everything from bareback unicorn rides, to fur trading escapades, to James Bond style chase scenes. But this past week, while watching one of our favourite late-night hosts, Conan O’Brien, we heard a fellow Canadian expound on her nightly visions and were subsequently blown away.

The person responsible for the shocking dream admissions was X-Men star, Ellen Paige. Paige claims to have dreams of a massive growth of pubic hair extending from her nether regions.  I think her expression was ‘chest height.’

Ugghh…shuttering just thinking about it.

She also went on to say she’d had dreams of hanging with Justin Bieber on his Canadian ranch. In this dream, with pubic hair at an acceptable level, the Bieb’s mom returns with takeout from IKEA.

First of all, we had no idea IKEA even had a drive-thru window. Secondly, Bieber? Really…

I guess the little man has invaded even the most cultured psyche.

We can’t say for sure, but we’re pretty certain one of our mattresses would get Ellen off her hair and pop star infatuation and on to a galloping unicorn.

Mattress Choice. Better Sleep. Better Dreams.

The Serta Mattress Comparison

The makers of Sealy mattresses have created a new online tool for comparing beds in the Sealy line. The tool can be found on the Sealy Canada website at

To use the mattress comparison function, choose the ‘Mattress Brands’ menu item on the home page. This will take you to a full list of the mattresses that Sealy offers. On the far right of this page you will see the option for ‘Mattress Comparison.’ Click on ‘Compare Now’ and use the side scroll arrows to cycle through the mattress columns.

Choose a minimum of two columns by clicking on the blue ‘Compare this Mattress’ buttons. Then click on the larger, ‘Compare Selected Mattresses.’

This effective tool will allow you to compare the intended market (Who is it right for), the Primary Benefits, the Comfort Layers, the Core Construction, the Edge Support and the Warranty.

With the information side-by-side, mattress consumers can accurately determine which mattress is perfect for their comfort needs and budget.

Once you have obtained this information, you can test sleep your new Sealy mattress at the Mattress Choice store in Coquitlam.

Thank you Sealy, for this informative and timesaving tool.

-If you have any lingering questions about any of the lines offered by Sealy mattress, the staff at Mattress Choice would be more than happy to field your queries.

The All-Nighter

Final Projects are due for many high school students over the next few weeks. This may be the first time that many of them have had the pressure of producing a multi-page report on a deadline. For those with less organizational skills, the deadline may result in an all-nighter.

Now, let’s be clear. Mattress Choice, in no means, endorses getting anything less than seven hours of sleep on our luxury mattresses, but we also recognize there are times when the all-nighter is unavoidable. For these crazy nights we recommend the following:

1. Put a few hours in the bank

If you know you are going to be going without sleep the night before a deadline, try to bank a few extra hours during the week. Head to bed a little earlier and set your alarm for a little later. Less time in the morning means you will have to improve your time management.

2. Take a 30-minute recess to run around

Physical activity will get your blood moving and hopefully rejig your brain cells. Take a 30-minute walk around the block and step away from the laptop.

3. Social Media check-in

Facebook is another slippery slope, but checking in with your fellow students every two hours will keep you pushing through the night. Knowing others are in the same situation helps. You can also encourage each other.

4. Coffee with cream – Hold the sugar

Avoid a sugar crash. Pop and candy might keep you up for an hour or two, but to make it to the morning, you need to avoid it completely. If you can’t stand the taste of coffee, try sugar free RedBull. Make sure to time your caffeine correctly. Don’t have your first cup until after midnight.

5. Under the bright lights

Work in a well-lit room. The darker the setting, the more your body will want to climb into bed.


Good Luck


Recovery Period:

To recover from an all-nighter, it’s always best to resist the urge to nap until after lunch. Try to go to bed the next night at your regular bed time, or an hour earlier. Be warned: your body will feel the effects for at least two days after. Try not to plan too much for the rest of the week.

The Trouble with Torts

It was a hard season to watch for Canucks fans. We saw our number one goalie traded away for peanuts. We saw the ironman streak of Henrik Sedin come to an end. And we saw the failure of a new coach to gain any semblance of trust in the locker room.

The latter point has been discussed at length on local sports radio and television broadcasts. John Torotella did not fit with the Vancouver Canucks.

Maybe it was his overly tanned skin, his televised hallway attack on Bob Hartley or his refusal to take up a Vancouver residence (the man lived in Point Roberts…). But something rubbed the wrong way with Vancouver players and fans of the Canucks.

This week, Gary Mason addressed the issue of Torts’ failure to fit in Vancouver. He provided four reasonable reasons why the ‘Paper Italian’ (Torts’ nickname) was unable to gain the favour of players and fans:


1. “Are we talking about practice?”

Tortorella took the Iverson stance when it came to conditioning. Coach seemed to think that all the Canucks’ problems would be solved during game time. When your players don’t think the team is practicing enough, something is seriously wrong.

2. Boothgate

Tortorella often looked for players to make an example of. He couldn’t do it with the team’s stars, so he chose character players to pick on. One such eruption occurred with David Booth. Booth arrived early for a team meeting, but Torts missed his entrance. When Tortorella finally saw him, the meeting was already in progress and Torts called him out for being late. The players explained the situation, but Torts refused to back down. He laced into Booth with no reasonable justification. Sure Booth has under preformed, but you can’t just make up reasons to hate him.

3. He wanted Burrows bought out

We can all agree that Burrows had a terrible season. Burrows himself would be the first to admit it. With a string of injuries and absolutely zero puck-luck, the former twins line mate failed to put numbers on the board. But no one questioned his work ethic, well except one.

Torts, maybe unaware of Burrows’ years of dedication, grew increasingly frustrated with the winger. He apparently approached management, demanding Burrows’ contract be bought out. Thankfully the Aquilini family did not succumb to this pressure. They were too busy saying ‘yes’ to all of Gillis’s questionable decisions.

4. Comet denier

Tortorella refused to acknowledge the existence of the Canucks farm team, the Utica Comets. According to Gary Mason, John Tortorella did not have a single conversation with Travis Green, the coach of the Comets, all season. That is mystifying. How could you not communicate with the leader of your development franchise? Mind-boggling…

And so, we fondly say goodbye to John. May we all sleep better knowing the reigns will be passed to someone with a slightly smaller ego, a residence in the city and a stronger familiarity with that thing they call ‘practice.’

Teen Depression

Is your teen struggling with symptoms of depression? It may be they are not getting enough sleep.

A study completed by the University of Texas Health Center in Houston has found teens who receive less than the recommended nine to ten hours of sleep a night are four times more likely to develop depression then their sleep satisfied counterparts.

The study tracked the sleeping habits of 4,000 teens for close to a year. Their findings are even more troubling when placed side-by-side with another study by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention that shows that 70 per cent of high school students are not meeting the recommended sleep goals for teenagers.

Losing sleep leads to a number of problems that often progress to depression. Without a decent sleep, teenagers lose their ability to concentrate. This leads to low test scores and feelings of inadequacy.

Sleep loss also cause irritability, a quality that is often blamed on hormones.

One of the most significant impacts is loss of energy. Without energy, teens stop participating in extra curricular activities, neglect their fitness and look to sugary boosters for self-medication.

All of these symptoms of sleep loss lead to an overall feeling of sadness.

Teens are already dealing with a whole host of social issues, such as bullying, peer pressure and body image. Add sleep loss to the mix and you have a dangerous cocktail.

For parents looking to help inspire better sleeping habits in their teens, we offer this quick list:


1. Study away from the bedroom

-Have your teenager use another part of the house for studying. Encourage bedroom use for sleep only.

2. Limit weekend sleep-ins

-Sleeping in on the weekend can create problems later in the school week. Keep up a sleep routine that lasts seven days, not just the five they are in school.

3. Model proper sleeping habits

-They may not acknowledge it, but teenagers often model their behaviour on their parents. Model proper sleeping habits and the kids will follow.

If you are considered that your teen is showing signs of severe depression, consult your family doctor.

You Get What You Pay For

Times are tough out there for young couples. Trying to find ways to save money for a wedding or that first home down payment takes creativity.

Cutting back on luxuries is usually the first step, but when couples start to look for ways to drastically cut their essential expenditures, they often get burned.

An extreme case of thrift shopping gone wrong caught our attention this week. The incident occurred in Tempe, Arizona, where a young couple purchased a mattress set from a shady business operating out of the back of a storage facility.

The couple paid $150 for a mattress, box spring and delivery, for what they thought was an entirely new mattress stack.

The bed had a spotless cover and a tag that read all new material.

After sleeping on the bed for a number of nights, the young lady discovered bites on her hand. Upon further investigation, they found the bed was infested with bugs. They ripped the cover off and looked deeper, uncovering small twigs and pieces of garbage. Yuuuuckk.

At this point, the couple decided to involve a third party. They called a local consumer watch group called “3 On Your Side.” With a full camera crew, they returned to the ‘business’ and confronted the dealers.

After explaining the situation to a defiant salesman, they were a met by a manager who refunded their purchase and offered a brief apology.

What the couple was actually sold, contrary to the tag, was a reconditioned mattress, a used mattress that had been reupholstered to look like new.


At Mattress Choice in Coquitlam, we sell only the three top brands in the mattress industry: Simmons, Sealy and Serta. We shouldn’t have to mention it, but ALL of our luxury mattresses are brand new, straight from the factory.

When you buy a mattress at Mattress Choice, you are always buying a quality product that we stand behind 100%.

With our Simmons sale on now, couples can save money and still have the comfort of knowing they purchased a top grade product.

Visit our Coquitlam mattress showroom.

Ten Reasons Why Mom Deserves a New Mattress

Here are ten excellent reasons to buy your mother a new mattress for Mother’s Day:


10. Mattress Choice is having a sale on Beautyrests!

Yup, Beautyrests are on sale at up to 75% off. Crazy, we know, but with prices this low, a new mattress is suddenly within your budget.

9. Mattress inovation

It’s been fifteen years since your mom has slept on a new mattress. Things have changed. Mattresses have evolved. Let mom enjoy the comfort that a modern luxury mattress provides.

8. She has all the pots she needs

This is pretty self-explanatory: you’ve been giving her kitchen stuff for years. She doesn’t need another appliance; or a fancy cutting board; or a pasta maker she will never use. Give her a mattress that she can enjoy during ‘her’ time.

7. Your sister is planning something big

Let’s just say we have our sources.

6. Flowers fade

Even the largest bouquet has a lifespan of a few weeks. A new mattress will last her the next eight to ten years. It’s all about longevity.

5. For all those years of jumping on the bed

Guilty. Remember that time you almost double-bounced your brother through the ceiling fan. Those springs are now shot.

4. Motion Transfer

As we age, our ability to sleep soundly decreases as our body aches rise. Your dad’s movements are felt every night on the opposite side of the bed. Let your mom have her own platform of comfort, free of collateral damage.

3. It’s a two-in-one gift

No need to panic when Father’s Day rolls around.

2. Did we mention the sale?!?!

Seriously, 75% off. That’s like buying a twenty thousand dollar car for five thousand. You can’t pass that up.

1. Unconditional love

Your mom has been supplying unconditional love ever since you emerged from within her. Every single day of your life, one very important lady has been standing behind you. She brought you into this world, the least you can do is provide a mattress for her to lay her tired body down on.

Stop in at Mattress Choiceand find the perfect mattress for mom.

Blue Period Picasso

Thinking of repainting the bedroom? Not sure what colour palette to go with? Might we suggest blue.

A study published in “The Daily Mail” suggests that the colours of the paint on your walls may affect the quality of your sleep. After surveying homeowners in 2000 homes across the U.K., the research team established that blue was the most restful colour.

On average, the homeowners with blue coloured walls slept 7 hours and 52 minutes. This number is within eight minutes of the precise time suggested by sleep experts.

Chris Idzikowski, of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, claims the colour connection has to do with the information passed on to our brain from the receptors in our eyes. The ganglion cells in our retinas are more sensitive to the colour blue. “These receptors,” Idzikowski explains, “feed information into an area deep in our brain that controls 24 hour rhythms and affects how we preform and feel during the day.” The colour blue mirrors the information exposed to the brain during the period when our body rhythms slow in preparation for sleep.

Strangely enough, the addition of red to a blue coloured room can actually disrupt sleep. The Daily Mail study found that people who had purple coloured walls tended to sleep, on average, 5 hours and 56 minutes a night.

So before you go with that violet palette, you might want to consider a more marine spectrum, it could mean two hours more on your mattress a night.

No Respect

On the night of April 26th, over one hundred cars were ‘keyed’ in the Coquitlam area.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, ‘keying’ is the act of running your key along a vehicle’s outer body, ruining the paint job and leaving a permanent scratch. To rectify the damage, owners often need to replace entire panels of their car. It is a quick act of vandalism that can cost thousands in repairs.

The pure amount of cars targeted in a single night is astonishing. But even more astonishing is the fact that the perpetrators remain at large. There have been no confirmed witnesses to the crime.

If there is a bright side to this senseless act, it is that Coquitlam residents seem to be sleeping deeper.

You can’t always protect your goods from that 1% of society with literally zero respect for private property, but if you can manage to sleep soundly through the night, you’re still winning.

A sound sleep will always prevail over the restless scumbags of the world.

If you do have security footage of the perpetrators, please call Crimestoppers.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Flowers, a coupon book, perfume – Bah! This Mother’s Day, give your number one lady something she can really use. Something that will remind her why you are already the favourite child.

Stuck for an idea? Mattress Choice has you covered. Here are five great gifts for mom:

1. A subscription to Scribd.

Scribd is like Netflix for book lovers. Basically it’s unlimited access to massive selection of books that mom can download to her computer, tablet or smartphone. Scribd syncs seamlessly with all her devices, so she will never loose her page. After saving a book to a device, she can travel and read without an Internet connection. She can also share her favourites with her friends. An instant book club! Perfect.

2. A family photo shoot

Moms love photos of the family, especially ones that include the grandchildren. If money is tight, find a friend with a good eye for photography. You know, that hipster friend of yours who refuses to use Instagram filters. Buy him a case of PBR and have him join your family at Mundy Park for a quick photo session. Just remember to give him the Pabst at the end of the photo shoot.

3. Wireless headphones for your father

Old grey hair lost his hearing years ago. As a result, your mom has to turn the television volume to 11 so your dad can hear it. Giver her a break and let her go back to her Globe and Mail crossword. It’s a win-win.

4. A membership to the Vancouver Aquarium

Your kids never get tired of going to the Aquarium, but each time your mom takes them it costs her $20. Give her a year of endless marine fun with the grandchildren.

5. A new mattress

It’s been fifteen years since your folks had a new mattress and you know, if your dad has anything to do with it, it will be another fifteen before they splurge for another one. End the agony and buy them a brand new Sealy mattress. Your mother will love you immediately and your father, after a week of pain-free mornings, will put you back in the will. Bring them to Mattress Choice and have them pick out their favourite sleeper.

New Mattress Factory Opening in Ontario

Exciting news from the Canadian mattress industry: Serta Simmons Canada is opening a new factory north of Toronto.

The facility is the first mattress factory to be built in Canada in over a decade. The new manufacturing plant will produce both Simmons and Serta beds under one roof. The marriage is the result of a joint ownership agreement that became effective in January of 2010. The factory is the first to be built by either company since the merger.

The newly formed holding company will transfer workers from Serta’s current factory in Concord. They will also be hiring additional production workers as the plant’s operations increase.

The factory will have the capacity to produce product for all of Ontario.

The new facility represents a predicted upswing in mattress demand. As the Canadian population ages and more and more boomers settle into retirement, the mattress industry will be called upon to supply thousands of beds to seniors looking to improve their golden years.

The new plant hopes to meet this need with the production of both Serta and Simmons mattresses.

Cherry Juice to Treat Insomnia

Seniors may now have a proven alternative to pharmaceutical sleep aids. A new research study, out of Louisiana State University, claims that cherry juice can add up to 90 minutes of sleep per night for older adults suffering from insomnia.

The findings came from a study that monitored the sleep efficiency, onset and duration of participants who were given cherry juice twice daily. The same group was given a placebo for two weeks as a control sample. During the cherry weeks, the seniors recorded longer, less disturbed sleep patterns.

The researchers chose cherry juice because of its natural melatonin levels. What they discovered was that it was the juice’s high levels of polyphenolic compounds that actually played the most important role in encouraging sleep. The ruby red pigments increased the levels of tryptophan by slowing the breakdown of the essential amino acid.

“These compounds may help to improve tryptophan bioavailability for serotonin synthesis,” says Frank L Greenway, one of the co-authors of the study. Increased levels of tryptophan helps the production of serotonin, a proven neurotransmitter that affect the central nervous system, relaxing the body and preparing it for sleep.

For seniors, the cherry juice findings means possibly less dependency on stronger, doctor prescribed, sleep aids.

Habitual sleeping pill intake by older adults can aggravate other medical issues. There is also a strong threat of falling when seniors attempt to navigate their bedrooms while under prescription sleep aids.

If seniors are given an alternative to prescribed pharmaceutical medication, they may face fewer side effects when combatting the issues surrounding insomnia.


This just in: cherry juice stock has soared past Apple.


Learning to Ride

Looking for a fun, educational program to enroll your child in over the summer break? Give your little one the gift of a lifetime of cycling.

Pedalheads Coquitlam is offering summer bicycle camps for riders from ages 2-12. The weekly camps start in June and run to the end of August. Skill levels range from “Riding Rookies” (45 minute camps for caregivers and child) to “Crankheads” (for riders 6+ who already cycle confidently but who are looking to integrate a variety of new biking skills).

Pedalheads is a locally owned and operated company that has been operating since 1995, offering kids of all ages a fun, safe and challenging environment to learn cycling skills. The camps are community orientated, with camp locations around the Lower Mainland. The youthful staff will have your child riding confidently by the end of the week.

There are two camp locations in Coquitlam: Queen of All Saints, located at 1405 Como Lake Avenue and Robson Park, located at 1410 Pinetree Way.

As an alternative to the camp environment, Pedalheads also offers Private Lessons for children of any age. These private lessons feature 1:1 instruction and are available for beginners to advanced riders.

For scheduling, pricing and additional information, parents can visit the Pedalheads website at or connect on twitter @Pedalheads.

Make sure your wee ones get a full night’s rest on their Sealy mattress before heading to camp.

Sleeping With Your Friends (The Furry Kind)

There is an age old debate over pet owners sharing their beds with their furry friends. Many doctors and sleep experts believe that many common sleep disorders can be linked to pet ownership, but a recent poll by, an online Veterinary forum, claims otherwise.

For the Vetstreet poll, 255 animal doctors were asked a number of questions about their sleeping habits, specifically their sharing bed sharing practices. Of the vets polled, 75 percent said they allowed their animals up on to their bed for the night.

Of the 75 percent, 13 percent believed their pets helped them sleep, while 28 percent indicated that their pets hindered their sleep.

When asked about the chances of their pets spreading disease, a common argument for those against sharing a bed, the majority of vets believed that their was very little chance of spreading disease.

In a separate survey, done by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorder Center, 300 patients with sleep problems were asked similar questions about pet ownership. From the figures produced by this surgery, 25 percent of the insomniacs studied suffered from issues that could be connected to pet issues.

Our conclusion, after reading a number of studies: sharing a bed with a pet is a personal decision that works for some, but not for others.

Pets give people a sense of comfort, especially for those individuals who sleep alone, or without another ‘human’ companion. Having them there beside us can help us sleep better, but if their nocturnal activities are disruptive to our sleep or if their dander is a cause of allergic reactions, then having them sleep in a separate room is probably the best decision.


For those who refuse to give up their nightly companions, here are a few tips:

  •  Always take your dog out for a tinkle before heading to bed. You don’t want to get up during the night to let them out if you don’t have to.
  • Use a white noise machine to drown your pet’s snores. Their sleeping sounds can be the small disruption that pulls you from deep sleep.
  • Consider a separate bed for your friend. They are still in the room with you, but they have their own mattress. It may not be as comfy as your Serta Perfect Sleeper, but c’mon, do they really need Serta’s advanced Continuous Support system with Pressure Balancing Design. Probably not. But you do!

The Bear’s Little Sleep Secret

Say what you want about some of Mike Gillis’s trade decisions, he did position the Vancouver Canucks for two President’s Trophies wins and got them from within one win of a Stanley Cup in 2011.

Many believe that part of his team’s success was due to Gillis’s employment of a team sleep doctor. The doctor, who was never named, organized the Canucks sleep schedule for peek performance.

For many who follow the Canucks, this is common knowledge. But did you know, that for the final game in the 2011 Stanley Cup final, Boston reached out to their own sleep expert.


A recent article in Men’s Fitness magazine claims that the Boston Bruins made a last minute call to a doctor Charles A. Czeisler, the day before the fateful game 7. Czeisler is chief of the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Czeisler was asked by the Bruins to offer advice on how to prepare for the most important game of the post season.

After asking a number of questions about the team’s sleep habits, Czeisler offered a simple but game-changing bit of advice. He told the Bruins not to take their traditional afternoon nap. He instructed them to have their players take a late morning nap.

His advice was based on the fact that the window for human peak performance arrives in the late afternoon, as the body sends out its strongest drive for wakefulness. It is common knowledge that most Olympic records are broken during this period of the day.

Since the Bruins were based in Boston, their bodies were geared to an Eastern time zone. Allocating their nap to the morning, placed the sweet spot directly at the time the game would be played.

The decision lead to the cancellation of the morning skate, a move that was documented by a number of sports reporters covering the series, including the hyperactive Vancouver Canucks media.

The result: The Bruins won the game 4-0.

Many put the blame of the Canucks loss heavily on the shoulders of Roberto Luongo. But what if it was that extra advantage that Czeisler’s advice provided. We will never know the true answer for Boston’s dominance that night, but I can guarantee that Czeisler was contacted by Boston for the start of the 2012 season.

The Myth of Endymion

We are always looking for myths and unique cultural references on the subject of sleep. Maybe it’s our inner anthropologist or maybe it’s our tired sleep writers, the ones responsible for five years of weekly blogs, looking for anything new to write about.

This week we came across a unique reference that linked bluebells to an ancient Greek myth about sleep.

The Latin word for bluebell is Endymion. In Greek lore, Endymion was a young lad who had chosen to sleep forever. He really, really, liked his eight hours of rest, so he extended it to twenty-four hours. Sleeping all day, probably not the healthiest activity, had a side-effect: the young man’s body stopped aging. He remained eternally young. Not bad – but please don’t try this at home.

The sleeping youth attracted the attention of the goddess Selene, the moon guider. Selene became so infatuated with Endymion that she began to shirk her duties as moon attendant. Once a month she would join Endymion in his cave. The result: the absent satellite, or new moon phase in the night sky.

Ancient Greeks suggested that leaving bluebells in a bedroom would help promote sleep.

Allergy Relief

April and May can be the worst months for allergy sufferers. As a result, they can also be the worst months for sleep.

A survey from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation found that 59 percent of people who claim to suffer from seasonal allergies also say they have trouble sleeping. 48 percent of this same group claim that their allergies disturb their partner’s sleeps as well. Pollen is ‘Puttin’ an annoying squeeze on ‘Ur-kraving’ for peace and rest. (Sorry. Couldn’t help throw in a little political humour.)

About 10 percent of the population admits to being affected by seasonal allergies, so that’s a fairly large group of people that are going without a good night’s rest this spring. Throw in their sleep partners and you have close to a fifth of the population being affected.

Mattress Choice is concerned by these figures. We would love to say that a new mattress would be the perfect cure. And while it may benefit your comfort level, it probably won’t reduce the swelling of your nasal passages.

To help cope with your springtime allergies, we’ve created a quick list of simple measures you can take to reduce the sleep discomfort brought on by allergies:

1. Basic Improvements

Keep your bedroom cool and dark. Avoid caffeine four hours before retiring to your mattress and keep the digital devices away from your sleeping quarters. These improvements are suggested for all sleepers.

2. Clean Sheets

Wash your sheets regularly. Pollen and airborne material can collect on your bedding. Washing them weekly will limit the buildup.

3. Aquatic Help

A nightly shower or bath will help loosen your congestion. A small bedroom humidifier can also help.

4. Tea Leaves

Sip a cup of warm tea before bed. The steam from the tea will have a similar effect on your nasal regions. Tea has also been proven to be a calming agent, an excellent prepping tool for 8 hours of shut-eye.

5. Medicated Relief

Over-the-counter antihistamines are expensive but worth it, especially for those who have extreme reactions to pollen.

6. Nose Candy

Our final tip is nasal saline rinse. A quick squirt before bed washes out any pollen that may have collected in your nose during the day.

If you have any other tips for allergy sufferers, please add them to the comments below.

Eye Fatigue ;)

Eye fatigue. Sounds like a cute way to say you’re tired.

“Sorry Jamie, I can’t make it out to the Fox Theatre tonight for Sunday Service. I’ve come down with a severe case of eye fatigue. My Coquitlam mattress store prescribed 10 hours on my new Serta mattress. Maybe next week.”

In all seriousness, eye fatigue is a common condition that is affecting millions of North Americans, disrupting their vision and creating annoying symptoms of tired, itching and burning eyes.

The causes: extended periods of reading, writing or driving. Our eyes are intended to take in a variety of stimuli at different distances and relate that information to our brains. When we retain our focus on one subject for an extended period, our eyes start to feel the burden of concentrating on a single focal point.

Adding to the trouble is our new preoccupation with portable hand-held digital devices. Studies have shown that people hold their smartphones and tablets far closer to their face then they would a book or magazine. This forces our eyes to work harder.

We also tend to carry our devices to bed with us. In the past we would bring a book and use a bedside lamp to illuminate our reading material. Now, with illuminated screens, the light source shines directly in our eyes.

Another factor, adding to the problem of eye fatigue, is our eyes tendency to blink less when staring at a screen. Studies show that the eye blinks half as often when we are focusing on a digital image or text.

Want to help your eyes? Move your screens back. The optimal distance is 20-26 inches away. You may also want to invest in a glare filter.

Celebrity Mattress Mash-Up

Social media blew-up this week with articles comparing the styles of famous celebrities to the patterns on discarded mattresses. We’ve perused the gossip mag columns and created a top ten list of our own:


1. Sandra Bullock

We had to start with the Speed star, just because she was the first one we saw on social media when the mattress comparison trend first erupted this week. No doubt about it, that pattern is pretty similar. Poor Sandra…

2. Ashlee Simpson

Even with the new nose, the eye is instantly drawn to the b/w plaid pattern on her dress. The lines seem to blur if you stare long enough. Robin Thicke has casted the mattress, not Ashlee, for his next video.

3. Jason Statham

Mattress stains can be an eyesore. If your mattress resembles the action star’s shirt, you may want to consider a replacement. Mattress Choice has a full showroom of luxury mattresses to improve your sleeping conditions.

4. Nicki Minaj

That hair colour reminds us of those powdered pops we had as kids. You know, the ones that were made out of the same soury-sweet sugar dust that they made the Rocket candies out of.

5. January Jones

The Mad Men star’s cloud disguise is pretty ridiculous. That hat should have its own Twitter account. Let’s just hope this photo wasn’t taken after Labour Day.

6. Britney Spears

What list would be complete without the queen of gutter fashion, Britney Spears. One thing is for sure, we guarantee you will not find this pattern in the Mattress Choice showroom. Sorry Brit.

7. Perez Hilton

Continuing with the plaid-and-shock theme… The photos speak for themselves.

8. Rihanna

A surprise entry, Rhi Rhi’s frock looks shockingly similar to Tommy’s lean-to.  The mattress probably has a few less misspelled tags on it. (Rihanna’s tattoo artist desperately needs a dictionary. Just saying…)

9. Alan Cumming

A plethora of bed’s made in the same style as Cummings dreadful pants suit.

10. Lakoda Rayne

Last on the list is this group comparison. Uncanny… We’ve never heard of this band, but just from the photo, I think we can safely discern they are a product of the Nashville country music scene. Talent-wise, the mattress stack may take first prize.